Bar Tab Calculator

What is a Bar Tab?

Virgin Voyages stands out in its approach to beverages. Unlike typical cruise lines with set drink packages, Virgin Voyages skips that model entirely. Instead, they bring in the concept of a Bar Tab for a fairer onboard experience.

Instead, each drink is charged separately – Virgin Voyages drink prices are fairly reasonable matching on land pricing. Using the calculator you can see how many are needed for your voyage length based on a daily drink spend.

You can read more about the differences between Sailor Loot & Bar Tab’s here.

How Much Is It?

To help make drinks more affordable; Virgin Voyages offer sailors the opportunity to buy a ‘Bar Tab’ before they sail in variations of $100 (Bonus $10), $200 (Bonus $20), or $300 (Bonus $50 – Higher with Sailing Club Loyalty).

They must be bought up to 24 hours before the voyage, are non-refundable, and unavailable once the cruise begins. You can purchase them in the Virgin Voyages app or from the Virgin Voyages website.

Linking Bar Tabs to Share Purchases on Board

When it comes to sharing drink purchases on board with Virgin Voyages, linking Bar Tabs is an option. The Bar Tab is automatically assigned to the first sailor on the booking or whoever is selected for purchased Bar Tabs. There are two ways to link your Bar Tab with anyone in the same cabins:

  • Pre-Sail: Before setting sail, you can link Bar Tabs in the Check-in section. Under Payment Method, select “footing the bill” for the sailor you want to share with. It’s important to note that this action will share all sailor loot and any purchases made by that sailor.
  • On Board: Alternatively, you can link Bar Tabs together while on board by speaking to Sailor Services. This can be especially useful if plans change or if you wish to adjust sharing preferences during the voyage.

How many Bar Tab’s do I need ?

Because of this, it’s sometimes quite complicated to work out whether you need to buy one and how much money you might be able to save, we’ve made it easy. Just fill out the Bar Tab Calculator below and we’ll let you know what you should do to save the most money on drinks.

Average Drinks Prices for 2024

  • $9.00 per glass of wine
  • $8.00 per beer
  • $14.00 per cocktail
  • $6.00 per shot of spirits / liquor
  • $9.00 per juice or smoothie
  • $6.00 per specialty soft drink

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Bar Tab Calculator

Use this tool to calculate whether it's worth buying a Bar Tab for your voyage and, if so, how many - along with how much you could save.

Note: The estimated cost of drinks is an estimate based on a rough average cost of beverages on board. The actual cost of drinks will vary depending on what you order.

About Your Voyage

Alcohol Preference

This answer will be used to work out the average cost of each drink.

The averages we will use are:

Drinks Per Day

Answer this section with combined totals for the whole cabin (anyone sharing this on board spending account).

If you plan to drink more or less on certain days, simply answer using an estimated average.

Bars On Board Virgin Voyages Ships

bar Featured Bars

See all Bars

Aquatic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Aquatic Club Bar

The Aquatic Club Bar is a lively hub of refreshments at the main pool area on Virgin Voyages cruise ships. This vibrant bar offers a well-stocked selection of beverages to quench your thirst while you soak up the sun and enjoy the exciting poolside atmosphere.

Draught Haus on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Draught Haus

A small bar serving The Roundabout area. This bar offers a selection of beer, wine and simple mixer drinks as well as some canned cocktails.

Gym & Tonic Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Gym & Tonic Bar

This smaller yet inviting bar provides guests with a convenient spot to enjoy a refreshing drink while soaking up the serene ambiance. Whether you're lounging in the whirlpool, relaxing in the hot tubs, or basking on the sun loungers.

Richard’s Rooftop Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Richard’s Rooftop Bar

Richard's Rooftop Bar, nestled inside the exclusive 'Richard's Rooftop' area, is the epitome of luxury aboard Virgin Voyages. This venue, open only to 'Rockstar' guests with a sunset happy hour and exclusive food service.

Sip Lounge on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sip Lounge

A popular and sophisticated lounge bar, offering premium wines and mixology-led cocktails in a surrounding of luxury and elegance. This bar is a great place to get a drink before a Red Room show or if you're singing in Groupie.

Sun Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sun Club Bar

Occupying a corner of Deck 16 is the Sun Club Bar, a quieter bar that overlooks the Well-Being pool area with sea views.

The Athletic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Athletic Club Bar

The Athletic Club Bar, located within the expansive Athletic Club area on deck 16 of Virgin Voyages, is more than just a standard bar. This well-stocked watering hole serves up a broad range of beverages.

The Casino Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Casino Bar

A small bar near The Casino - this bar isn't particularly well-stocked but its in a very convenient location, has good opening hours and it's often quicker to grab a drink from here than On the Rocks during busy times.

The Dock on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Dock

Serving sun worshippers tasty drinks and a menu of delicious tapas, like hangar steak and grilled octopus, in a chilled setting with comfy loungers and cool tunes.

The Loose Cannon on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Loose Cannon

A pub-inspired bar serving beers, wine and basic cocktails. Try the 'Sh-oct-a-pus' - a shot tower made for five sailors to share, presented on a metal octopus sculpture.

The Social Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Social Club

A central location for fun activities throughout the day - from puzzles and board games through the day to blazing karaoke later in the evening. Boasting lots of casual food options and large-screen sports this is a popular spot for good reason.