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Booking Restaurants

If you like to plan then Virgin Voyages offers the ability to pre-book dining reservations ahead of time. This is highly recommended for those on busier sailings.

A luxurious dining room with glittering lights and white leather furniture
The Wake restaurant aboard Virgin Voyages® ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Booking Restaurants Window

For Virgin Voyages, booking dining reservations is an important part of planning your cruise experience. The reservation window varies depending on your accommodation:

  • Sailors: Regular dining reservations open 45 days before your voyage.
  • Rockstars: If you’re staying in a Rockstar Suite, you get the advantage of booking 60 days in advance.

Reservation Timing

Reservations typically become available at or around midnight USA Eastern Standard Time. Some lucky sailors have reported success even before this official release time. To find the exact reservation date for your specific voyage, check the Virgin Voyages app.

Important note: Around 1/3 of total restaurant bookings will be released at this stage with more available on board. 

Linking with Friends and Groups

Before setting sail, it’s a good idea to connect with your friends who are also cruising with you. In the Virgin Voyages app, navigate to Messenger > Contacts. You can find a QR code or a link to share with your friends. Scanning or opening this link will add all the contacts associated with the other bookings to your contact list.

If you require reservations for more than 8 people then you must call Virgin Voyages to arrange.

What to Book

Keep in mind that restaurant sizes vary:

Your reservation allowances depend on the length of your voyage:

  • Short Sailings (1-5 days): You can book one dinner reservation per restaurant.
  • Longer Sailings (6+ days): You have the option to dine three times in a restaurant. There is some further flexibility for much longer sailings (over 7 days) with sailors successfully booking five times in a restaurant.

Brunch is also available for booking at the The Wake and Razzle Dazzle, with time slots from 8am until 1pm and do not count towards your number of reservations. You do not need to specifically book for Bottomless Brunch and simply add this on at the time. Dinner times are 6pm – 10pm.

How to Book

To make your dining reservations, open the Virgin Voyages app and go to the Discover section > Ship Spaces > Eateries. There, you’ll see a list of restaurants and their availability. Choose your desired time slot, specify the number of sailors, and tap “Show me the restaurants.”.

In app screenshot showing time slotsBooking a Time Slot in the Virgin Voyages app© Photo by Virgin Voyages

All Bookings Sold Out?

If you find that everything is fully booked before your cruise, there’s no need to panic! Virgin Voyages ensures significant onboard dining capacity by only allowing a third of bookings to be booked before boarding.

You can seek assistance with booking by heading to Razzle Dazzle typically between 2 & 4:30pm on the first day of your cruise , or you can utilize the VV app for reservation options once on board.

Walk-In Availability

For those who prefer spontaneity, some restaurants may offer walk-in availability. Simply visit the restaurant, and they will inform you about current wait times and available seating. As noted the smaller venues will have significantly less walk-in availability.

What if Nothing Is Available?

Even if you can’t secure a reservation, don’t worry. There are alternative dining options available during dinner times, including The Galley, The Social Club Diner, Pizza Place, and The Dock House, ensuring you won’t go hungry while at sea.

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