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Deep Blue Extras

Sail four times for Deep Blue Extras on your fifth and subsequent sailings. Previous sailors may already be qualified for DBE.

Deep Blue Extras part of the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club
Deep Blue Extras part of the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club © Photo by Virgin Voyages

‘Deep Blue Extras’ (sometimes known as DBE) is the original loyalty benefit from Virgin Voyages designed for loyal sailors in the Sailing Club. Deep Blue Extras will be available on any sailing through the until December 31st 2025 at this time.

How to get Deep Blue Extras

Virgin Voyage’s wording Translation
Sea Blazer You sailed with Virgin in 2021 on a fully paid fare.
Sea Rover You sailed with Virgin twice on a fully paid fare from the start of 2022 to the end of 2023.
Match and Sea More You’re at a qualifying loyalty level with another cruise line or eligible program and have contacted Virgin Voyages to verify and matched by the end of 2023.
Sailing 4 Times On your Fifth Sailing you will receive all the benefits of Deep Blue Extras.

1. Expedited Boarding

With Deep Blue Extras, you’ll enjoy expedited boarding, allowing you to set foot on the ship earlier than other passengers. Sail through the boarding process smoothly and efficiently via a dedicated line starting from 1:30 pm. This privilege ensures that you can maximize your time on board and begin your vacation without delay. Note: If you are sailing with a cabin mate who isn’t part of the club they are anlso eligible to board early.

2. $100 Bar Tab credit

As a member of the Sailing Club, you’ll receive a $100 Bar Tab Credit to indulge in your favorite beverages throughout your voyage. Enjoy an array of drinks, from refreshing cocktails to fine wines using your credit. This credit applies directly to each person in the cabin that qualifies.

3. Unlimited Premium WiFi

Stay connected to the digital world even while sailing the high seas with the Sailing Club’s unlimited Premium WiFi. Subject to availability, this perk allows you to stream your favorite content and stay connected with loved ones. Experience seamless connectivity and enjoy the convenience of being online whenever you desire.

4. Dedicated Sailor Services Support

The Sailing Club ensures that you receive personalized support before you board and throughout your journey. Upon boarding, you’ll receive a letter containing a schedule. The dedicated Sailing Club support staff availability will be at Sailor Services on deck 5. Whether you have questions, need assistance with reservations, or require any other support, the Sailing Club staff will be there to cater to your needs.

5. Exclusive Cocktail Event

Indulge in an exclusive cocktail event held in the vibrant atmosphere of On the Rocks or if weather allows The Perch. As you qualify for Deep Blue Extras, you’ll have the opportunity to mingle with the Happenings Cast, fellow sailors, and other privileged guests. Enjoy free-flowing drinks, embrace the energy of the occasion, and create unforgettable memories while celebrating your voyage in style. Note: If you are sailing with a cabin mate who isn’t part of the club they are eligible to go to the event.

Look out for a letter in your cabin for when this will be on your voyage, typically it will be at 5:30PM midway through your voyage.

6. Free Laundry Service

Enjoy the convenience of having two pressed items, one specialty-cleaned item, and a bag of laundry taken care of during your voyage. This perk allows you to keep your wardrobe fresh and ready for each day’s adventures, ensuring that you always feel your best on board.

7. Two Coffee Credits Per Day

For all the coffee aficionados, Deep Blue Extras offers a delightful perk. You’ll receive two coffee credits per sailor, redeemable at Grounds Club, Grounds Club Too or applicable bars & restaurants. Treat yourself to a cup of freshly brewed coffee, savor the aroma, and start your mornings with a caffeine kick that energizes your day at sea. Note: Alcoholic coffee cocktails not included and this work can not be used on Ship Eats: Room Service.

8. Bar Tab Bonus

When purchasing a $300 bar tab, you will also get improved bonuses instead of the standard $50. A Sea Blazer will receive $125 additional per bar tab purchased for life. A Sea Rover will receive $100 additional per bar tab purchased until December 31st 2024.

Note: Loyalty Eligibility and Exceptions

While the Deep Blue Extras benefits scheme (D.B.E) offers these great benefits,  some cruises that are booked aren’t eligible. Those with access keys (either gifted cruises, casino comp cruises or those bought with airmails or points) or reduced voyages priced at $100 or less per night may not earn or receive loyalty benefits.

About the author

Co-Founder and Editor. An iOS developer and writer with a passion for theme parks and extensive cruise experience, blending technical know how with a love for Virgin Voyages nearing 15 sailings around the world.

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  1. Robert C. Friedman says:

    I know that I’m a sea blazer because the badge displays in my profile. But how will I know that I can board early and get my DBE perks? Does the bar tab show after I board? Thank you for the help!

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      You should have deep blue extras showing in your add ons section under account in the app. If you don’t worth contacting sailor services.

  2. Tracy says:

    If you have two in a room with DBE, do you each get a bag of laundry now or still just one per cabin?

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Hi Tracy. The new terms from Virgin Voyages seem to dictate Deep Blue Extras is now per sailor for everything. Not sure if that’s the reality on board but hopefully find out soon.

      1. Tracy Maza says:


  3. Angie says:


    I’m confused about the statement above “Deep Blue Extras will be available on any sailing through the until December 31st 2025 at this time”. Does that mean that DBE status is going away after that?

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Nothing has been announced beyond that time frame it’ll likely be replaced by something else or extended again, it’s been extended 3 times!

      1. Angie says:


  4. Cheryl Burleson says:

    Nothing is mentioned about the number of cruises one has taken? We are leaving on our 8th VV next week and have 3 more booked for this year (11 total for 18 months)???

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Sounds like you may have already qualified ?

  5. Dianne Scott says:

    Hi. We are status matched for the TA sailing on 21April 2024. Our embarkation is 3pm. As DBE can we board at 1.30pm?

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Hi Dianne, yes ignore your in app time and arrive for 1:30pm and looking for priority board. More info on boarding the ship early can be found here.

  6. Hi, my wife and I only became aware of the DBE in early January accident and when we did we loaded with VV and our travel agent to try and join we were advised we missed the boat!!! Because we had to do this before 31/12/23 even though we had booked and paid for our 1/2 world Resilient Lady cruise sailing 37/4/24 from Sydney some 8 months earlier. Yet a note above from VV States any cruise in 2024 is eligible. Please explain as we are platinum status with NCL

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi there, yes matching is currently not available and you can no longer match into DBE, we are waiting for more information from Virgin Voyages in the next few months on the future of the sailing club. When you booked doesn’t affect when you had to match by.

  7. Debby Miller says:

    I’m a Sea Blazer and am travelling with my adult children in June. So we have 2 cabins. Will they be able to embark early along with me and my husband?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Debby. This should be ok but best to confirm with Virgin Voyages. If need be you could put your husband with DBE in a cabin with one and yourself with another this would guarantee perks

  8. John says:

    Hey all,

    We have the deep blue extras benefit and also purchased the splash of romance package cruising for 4 nights in Feb. Do we 2 different cocktail hours for each the deep blue and the splash of romance package?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi John yes you’ll get two different cocktail parties. They are very similar events however.

  9. Edgar Tan says:

    So if we got our cruise via Access Key, what DBE benefits do we receive?


    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Edgar, it depends if you matched into the system or if you are a Sea-Rover (sailed 2 full fare sailings). Sea-Rovers will get DBE, Match & Sea More won’t get DBE (in theory)

      1. Edgar Tan says:

        I matched it via Status Match. So what’s the go then?

        1. VV Insider says:

          Hi Edgar, if you matched then you’ll receive Deep Blue Extras on any sailing starting through the end of December 31st 2024.

    2. David Ryan says:

      I qualified for Sea Blazer and I see that you get $125 bonus for a $300 bar tab. Does it have to be $300 or can you still get an extra bonus for a $100 bar tab? Thanks.

      1. VV Insider says:

        Hi David you’ll only get it an additional bonus on the $300 Bar Tab

  10. Brenton says:

    Does the current Deep Blue Extras inclusions apply to cruises that commence on or prior to 31.12.2024 but end in 2025?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Brenton yes it would include any sailing that starts in 2024

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