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Bingo With The Diva

A big bingo event hosted by The Diva – the ship’s fabulous resident drag queen. Co-hosted by a member of The Happenings Cast this is a unique take on the classic game with campy and saucy thrown into the mix.

Bingo With The Diva on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Bingo With The Diva on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Kara Kature

About Bingo With The Diva

Bingo With The Diva is a unique event held on Virgin Voyages, offering an exciting twist to the traditional game of bingo. The event is hosted by The Diva, the ship’s resident drag queen, known for her fabulous flair and charisma. Along with a member of The Happenings Cast, they ensure the event is full of saucy fun and campy humor.

Ticket Availability and Event Timing

Interested participants can purchase tickets around an hour before the game commences. For precise timing, refer to the Virgin Voyages app. Given the popularity of the event, it is advisable to buy tickets early to avoid missing out on the fun. The event is typically scheduled on sea days to provide passengers with enjoyable entertainment during the day.


  • $35 for 1 Sheet
  • $50 for 2 Sheets
  • $60 for 3 Sheets

Each sheet offers the opportunity for four games.

Pricing is correct as of June 2024 and is subject to change.


The event offers enticing cash prizes that can range from approximately $500 to $2000. The exact amount depends on the specific game and the number of participants. The amount will be debited onto your sailor account and can be taken out as cash at the end of the voyage.

Participation and Game Mechanics

At Bingo With The Diva, participation is a key element of the fun, with The Diva offering live performances and engaging guests in interactive moments. However, Virgin Voyages respects the preference of its guests and ensures that participation is entirely based on consent.

In terms of the game itself, participants are given paper bingo tickets with pre-punched holes, which can be folded over when the corresponding number is called out. The absence of digital ticket machines helps keep the competition fair and exciting, as all participants have an equal chance of winning.

The game of bingo is interspersed with performances by The Diva herself as well as small game shows with a member of The Happenings Cast.

A drag queen in front of a bingo sign with a microphone
Live Performances from The Diva during Bingo© Photo by Kara Kature


Bingo With The Diva is a must-attend event on Virgin Voyages for those looking to enjoy a classic game with a twist, while potentially winning substantial cash prizes to spend on board!

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