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Grog Walk

A must-do on the first night of you voyage – the renowned Virgin Voyages bar crawl. A great way to start your first night and meet your fellow sailors. Famous for helping sailors meet lifelong friends!

Grog Walk on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Grog Walk on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Grog Walk: The Ultimate Bar Crawl at Sea

Welcome aboard, sailor! Ready to kick off your voyage with a night of camaraderie, exploration, and libations? The “Grog Walk,” a renowned Virgin Voyages bar crawl, is the perfect event to make your first night unforgettable. Famous for fostering connections and friendships, it’s a must-do event that’s as enjoyable as it is sociable.

Start Your Voyage with a Splash

The Grog Walk usually takes place on the first night, establishing the scene for your entire sailing adventure. If it becomes especially popular, organizers might even consider offering it again later during the cruise.

From Bar to PJs

The Grog Walk ends at the venue of the PJ Party if both events occur on the same night; you’ll receive your final drink token there.

An Experience Led by The Happenings Cast

Two members of The Happenings Cast will lead the way, infusing the night with energy and fun. Get ready for ‘meet your fellow sailor’ type games and engaging scavenger hunts that will spark connections and laughter.

The Grog Walk isn’t solely about the beverages; it’s about fostering connections with people. Known for facilitating the formation of new friendships and travel companionships, it offers a distinctive chance to engage with others at the start of your journey.

How to Book

The Grog Walk has become a tradition among Virgin Voyages sailors. With its great atmosphere, creative games, and opportunity to explore the ship’s venues, it’s a recipe for a fantastic start to your voyage. It is recommended to book as soon as you board to make sure you don’t miss the event!

You can only book the crawl directly within the Virgin Voyages app on board. Please keep in mind that there’s a limit of around 40 sailors for the spaces available. On more popular sailings, two crawls may be offered on the first night, typically with the one starting in The Loose Cannon booking out first.


The Grog Walk is an upcharge event, this activity costs $50 to participate in. The price of entry includes a drink at each venue (venues may vary), making it a great value with four drinks total.

Note: You can not use your Bar Tab on the Grog Walk event.

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