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Squid Ink Tattoo Parlor

Squid Ink Tattoo Parlor on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Squid Ink Tattoo Parlor on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

Squid Ink: A Unique At-Sea Tattoo Parlor

Virgin Voyages offers the unique experience of receiving fresh ink while sailing the seas, the first for any cruise line. Squid Ink on Deck 6, the onboard tattoo parlour, has quickly gained popularity for its distinct and innovative service since opening in 2021. Teaming up with renowned artists from around the globe, Squid Ink brings a blend of talent, creativity, and professionalism to the waves.

Renowned Artists Onboard

Squid Ink takes pride in attracting celebrated tattoo artists from all corners of the world. This diversity ensures guests receive tattoos of the highest quality, no matter their design preference. From intricate designs to simplistic line work, the artists at Squid Ink have the skills and creativity to turn your tattoo dreams into reality.

The parlor will post which artist is on your sailing ahead of time via their Facebook:

Scarlet Lady Calendar

Valiant Lady Calendar

Resilient Lady Calendar

Book Early for the Best Slots

With its rising popularity and limited slots, it’s recommended to secure your Squid Ink appointment as early as possible. Queue up around half an hour before opening time (typically 7pm) on the first day of your voyage to ensure you get an ideal slot.

A pro-tip for planning your session is to aim for a slot towards the end of your voyage. This allows for optimal aftercare and reduces the risk of pool water contamination or sunburn on your fresh tattoo. Your fresh ink will be covered in a specific wrap that is designed to reduce exposure but is no fully resistant.

Piercing Services & Pricing

Beyond tattoos, the parlor also offers piercing services, although it has a limited jewelry selection. Squid Ink source all jewelry from a partner brand, ensuring the same high standard of quality that characterizes Squid Ink’s services. Piercing starts at $95 and do not require booking, keep in mind you must be in international waters (12 miles out at sea) to get pierced.

Tattoo Pricing

Pricing at Squid Ink ranges widely to accommodate various designs, sizes, and complexity levels. Rates start from $200 for a flash tattoo and from $250 for custom designs, this can extend into the thousands for larger, more intricate tattoos. The prices will be higher than your typical land-based parlor so come prepared, however you can use Sailor Loot on your tattoo.

Flash Tattoo Sheet

Can’t decide? The Squid Team and artists have expertly crafted a selection of nautical and Virgin themed tattoos that you can choose from, find out more information about the artists here. 

Squid Ink 2024 Tattoo Flash Sheet
Squid Ink 2024 Tattoo Flash Sheet© Photo by Squid Ink

Custom Tattoo Consultation

Fancy something custom? The Squid Ink team will work with your ideas directly and can design something on the fly for your appointment, a rough estimate of the tattoo will be given at the time of booking.

Artist Consultation at Squid Ink
Artist Consultation at Squid Ink © Photo by Virgin Voyages

A Nautical Partnership

In a fitting partnership pairing the nautical roots of modern tattoo culture, Virgin Voyages has teamed up with World Famous Tattoo Ink. This collaboration ensures that they treat sailors with the finest cruelty-free, vegan tattoo inks, enhancing designs with a bolder, brighter appearance.

Squid Ink tattoo studio
Squid Ink tattoo studio© Photo by Virgin Voyages


Squid Ink offers a one-of-a-kind experience on the high seas, combining your voyage with exceptional tattoo and piercing services. Featuring world-renowned artists, top-notch hygiene practices, and a significant maritime collaboration. Whilst prices can be high it is an experience particularly on Scarlet Lady & Valiant Lady which have sea views! Whether you’re a tattoo enthusiast or simply looking for a keepsake from your journey it’s worth visiting the team at Squid Ink.

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