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Tender Boarding Area


When your Virgin Voyages® cruise ship docks at certain ports without a pier, you’ll encounter the ‘Tender Boarding Area.’ This area facilitates the smooth embarkation and disembarkation processes, allowing you to explore exciting destinations either by walking straight off onto a port ramp or by boarding a tender boat for a short voyage to the dock.

How Boarding and Tendering Works

  1. Tender Boats: In instances where direct access to a pier is unavailable, tender boats become the primary mode of transportation to and from the shore. These smaller vessels shuttle passengers between the cruise ship and the port, offering a unique and scenic journey with breathtaking views of the ship from the water.
  2. Efficient Transitions: The ‘Tender Boarding Area’ on Virgin Voyages® cruise ships is designed for seamless boarding and tendering experiences. Crew members efficiently guide passengers through the process, ensuring hassle-free disembarkation and exploration of new destinations.

Virgin Voyages’ Unique ‘Band’ Wearable

As part of its commitment to sustainability and innovative guest experiences, Virgin Voyages offers ‘The Band’ as a smart wearable technology. Made in collaboration with BIONIC® Yarn, this eco-chic accessory serves as an alternative to traditional cruise key cards. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Eco-Friendly Design: ‘The Band’ is crafted with BIONIC® Yarn, an eco-friendly material engineered to address plastic pollution in marine and coastal environments. This nautically inspired accessory exemplifies Virgin Voyages’ dedication to responsible travel and environmental preservation.
  • Functional and Stylish: Besides being environmentally conscious, ‘The Band’ is lightweight and stylish, providing functional benefits such as easy cabin access and seamless onboard purchases. Its fashionable design complements your cruise experience while contributing to a sustainable travel ethos.
  • A Cherished Keepsake: At the end of your voyage, you can take ‘The Band’ home as a cherished post-cruise keepsake. This special memento serves as a reminder of your unforgettable journey with Virgin Voyages.
Three Virgin Voyages® bands, 2 red and one balck rope-style bands each with an anchor-shapes clasp
Sailor bands are red, unless you’re a Rockstar, then you’ll be given an exclusive VIP black band© Photo by Virgin Voyages®


Navigating the ‘Tender Boarding Area’ on Virgin Voyages® cruise ships offers a gateway to captivating ports of call. Whether you’re walking off the ship onto a port ramp or boarding a tender boat, the boarding and tendering processes are well-organized and efficient. With ‘The Band’ wearable, Virgin Voyages enhances the cruising experience, providing both convenience and a commitment to eco-consciousness. As you embark on your cruise adventure, immerse yourself in the seamless boarding process and let ‘The Band’ be your passport to unforgettable moments at sea and ashore.

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