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The Casino

The Casino on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Casino on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

The Casino: A Luxurious Gambling Getaway at Sea

Situated on the luxurious decks of Virgin Voyages ships, The Casino delivers an exceptional gambling experience at sea. This tastefully designed venue is perfect for guests seeking both excitement and relaxation amidst the vastness of the ocean. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice trying your luck for the first time, the casino offers an exhilarating mix of games suitable for everyone.

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Relaxing Gambling Environment

The Casino at Virgin Voyages stands apart from typical land-based casinos by offering a tranquil environment for guests. Enjoy an invigorating game of poker or place a daring bet at the blackjack table while the ship gently sails through the waters. The gentle sway of the ship and the mesmerizing views of the ocean help to ease the tension commonly associated with gambling, creating a uniquely relaxing experience.

Variety of Games

The Casino offers a diverse range of games, including dice rolling, mesmerizing roulette, and the classic slot machines, catering to varied preferences of its guests. For the more strategic players, there’s the high-stakes poker, including Virgin Voyages’ first-ever World Poker Tour at Sea.

The Casino Program

Virgin Voyages offers an exclusive casino program for avid players. Although status or offers from other casinos are not matched, efforts are made to offer the best rates or comps to participants. Interested players can fill out a form to learn about what they may qualify for.

Slot Machines

The Casino boasts an impressive collection of 115 slot machines, including 104 on the main floor and 11 in the smoking room. They range from traditional slots to multi-line machines and even video poker. The slot machines are multi-denomination, offering the latest games like Lightning Link and Buffalo Gold.

Table Games

The table game offerings at The Casino are expansive. They include Blackjack, with the option of a Perfect Pair side bet, Single Deck Blackjack, and Craps with 3,4,5 odds. There’s also Three Card Poker with a Six Card Bonus side bet, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, and both Double Zero & Single Zero Roulette. The diverse selection ensures every player can find a game to their liking.

The tables are served by waiter-service from the nearby Casino Bar.

Gaming Lessons

Understanding that stepping into a casino can be intimidating for first-timers, Virgin Voyages offers complimentary gaming lessons on embarkation day. The gaming pros provide useful tips and tricks on how to navigate through various casino games. These lessons serve as a confidence booster for beginners and a refresher for seasoned players, preparing them for an exciting gaming journey ahead.

Our Thoughts

The Casino at Virgin Voyages provides a unique blend of relaxation and exhilaration, offering an array of gambling options in a serene sea setting. Whether you’re a novice player or a casino veteran, this luxurious at-sea gambling venue promises an unforgettable journey filled with excitement, luck, and fun.

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