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The Den / ‘WPT at Sea’ Poker Room

The Den / 'WPT at Sea' Poker Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Den / 'WPT at Sea' Poker Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Michał Parzuchowski

The Den: A Versatile Venue

Located onboard Virgin Voyages’ ships, The Den offers a flexible and private space that caters to a variety of uses. This large, corporate-style area can be rented out upon request, making it a potential venue for business meetings, team building events, or even intimate social gatherings.

Corporate Event Space

Tucked away from the bustling main areas of the ship, The Den provides a quiet sanctuary ideal for functions that require focus or discretion. Despite its seldom use by general guests, it’s a valuable asset for corporate voyagers seeking a tranquil and professional environment.

Versatility and Amenities

The Den is well-equipped with ample seating and advanced audio-visual technology to support presentations, teleconferencing, or entertainment. The area is also used for staff training and storage, which speaks to its adaptability and functional design.

The ‘WPT at Sea’ Poker Room

On the Scarlet Lady, The Den undergoes an exciting transformation into the ‘WPT at Sea’ Poker Room. This modification caters to tournament poker players, offering them a focused environment away from the lively on-board casino. While the changes are minor, they add a new dimension to the room without compromising its original appeal. Poker enthusiasts can fully immerse themselves in tournament play in this dedicated area.


Whether it’s for business meetings, training, storage, or serious poker play, The Den on Virgin Voyages ships stands ready to meet diverse needs. Its understated presence adds to the charm, making it a unique and multi-functional space in the heart of the sea.

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