Virgin Voyages is quickly becoming known as the cruise line for foodies. With a rare exception or two all food options on board are included as part of your cruise fare. With restaurants that would give most speciality restaurants on other cruise lines a run for their money there’s options for absolutely every palette.

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These speciality restaurants are included in your fare. You will typically need to book these restaurants in advance.

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Extra Virgin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Extra Virgin

The Italian restaurant, Extra Virgin, serves classic trattoria fare in a bustling setting. Standouts include the handmade pasta, cooked to al dente perfection, and a delightful selection of antipasti.

Gunbae on Virgin Voyages cruise ships


With its vibrant atmosphere, exceptional service, and mouthwatering Korean cuisine, Gunbae Restaurant is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts onboard.

Pink Agave on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Pink Agave

Celebrating the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine, Pink Agave promises an authentic experience with dishes such as tlayudas, memelas, sopes, and tortas, accentuated by bold interior design from Tom Dixon.

Razzle Dazzle on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Razzle Dazzle

As the primary vegetarian-friendly restaurant on board, Razzle Dazzle offers light, plant-based variations on classic comfort foods. Its "naughty or nice" options cater to all palates.

The Test Kitchen on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Test Kitchen

An adventurous restaurant inspired by Auguste Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine, The Test Kitchen provides a culinary journey with its fixed seasonal tasting menu. Designed as a laboratory eatery, it offers a playful and inventive dining experience.

The Wake on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Wake

An upscale take on a classic steakhouse, The Wake, offers a selection of steak options and seafood platters. A great upscale option for bottomless brunch, the Bloody Marys are particularly excellent.

quick-food Featured Quick Food Restaurants

These restaurants allow you to dine without booking and with less wait times for food.

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Grounds Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Grounds Club

The main coffee shop on board - offering speciality hot and iced coffee-shop drinks with optional alcohol additions. This venue offers some excellent bakery snacks too, great for a grab-and-go breakfast for port days.

Lick Me Till Ice Cream on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Lick Me Till Ice Cream

Available most of the day until around dinner time, the ice cream available here is freshly prepared and available in both cones and cups. Worth a visit daily on your voyage to try every flavour at least once.

Sun Club Café on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sun Club Café

Sun Club Café is a hidden gem on Deck 16 of Virgin Voyages ships with Hawaiian-Asian fusion cuisine and ample seating.

The Galley on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Galley

This vibrant food hall offers a diverse array of culinary experiences. From Asian cuisine to Mexican delights, plant-based options to fresh seafood, The Galley caters to various tastes and preferences, ensuring there's something for everyone.

The Pizza Place on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Pizza Place

Famously this is some of the best pizza at sea - according to many online reviewers. With the pizza oven baking late into the night this is one of the most memorable quick-dining options on the Virgin Voyage ships.

Drinks and Entertainment

Without being a complete ‘party cruise’ like some lower-budget options, Virgin Voyages do a very good job of making sure sailors have great beverage options around the whole ship. Virgin’s take on cruise entertainment is very different to what you will find on other cruise lines.

Virgin Voyage’s entertainment offerings are primarily ran by the Happenings Cast, Virgin’s answer to the traditional cruise director and cruise staff.

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Aquatic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Aquatic Club Bar

The Aquatic Club Bar is a lively hub of refreshments at the main pool area on Virgin Voyages cruise ships. This vibrant bar offers a well-stocked selection of beverages to quench your thirst while you soak up the sun and enjoy the exciting poolside atmosphere.

Draught Haus on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Draught Haus

A small bar serving The Roundabout area. This bar offers a selection of beer, wine and simple mixer drinks as well as some canned cocktails.

Gym & Tonic Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Gym & Tonic Bar

This smaller yet inviting bar provides guests with a convenient spot to enjoy a refreshing drink while soaking up the serene ambiance. Whether you're lounging in the whirlpool, relaxing in the hot tubs, or basking on the sun loungers.

Richard’s Rooftop Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Richard’s Rooftop Bar

Richard's Rooftop Bar, nestled inside the exclusive 'Richard's Rooftop' area, is the epitome of luxury aboard Virgin Voyages. This venue, open only to 'Rockstar' guests with a sunset happy hour and exclusive food service.

Sip Lounge on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sip Lounge

A popular and sophisticated lounge bar, offering premium wines and mixology-led cocktails in a surrounding of luxury and elegance. This bar is a great place to get a drink before a Red Room show or if you're singing in Groupie.

Sun Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sun Club Bar

Occupying a corner of Deck 16 is the Sun Club Bar, a quieter bar that overlooks the Well-Being pool area with sea views.

The Athletic Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Athletic Club Bar

The Athletic Club Bar, located within the expansive Athletic Club area on deck 16 of Virgin Voyages, is more than just a standard bar. This well-stocked watering hole serves up a broad range of beverages.

The Casino Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Casino Bar

A small bar near The Casino - this bar isn't particularly well-stocked but its in a very convenient location, has good opening hours and it's often quicker to grab a drink from here than On the Rocks during busy times.

The Dock on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Dock

Serving sun worshippers tasty drinks and a menu of delicious tapas, like hangar steak and grilled octopus, in a chilled setting with comfy loungers and cool tunes.

The Loose Cannon on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Loose Cannon

A pub-inspired bar serving beers, wine and basic cocktails. Try the 'Sh-oct-a-pus' - a shot tower made for five sailors to share, presented on a metal octopus sculpture.

The Social Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Social Club

A central location for fun activities throughout the day - from puzzles and board games through the day to blazing karaoke later in the evening. Boasting lots of casual food options and large-screen sports this is a popular spot for good reason.

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On the Rocks on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

On the Rocks

The largest bar on board the ships, On the Rocks is situated just below The Roundabout and is a popular nighttime haunt with live music most nights and a very well-stocked bar menu.

The Manor on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Manor

The nightclub - this large show venue is the central location for late-night dancing and entertainment. With two floors of cabaret-style seating and innovative lighting it's a great place to spend some late nights. Social media photos taken in the famous glittery hallway here is a must-do.

The Red Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Red Room

The main events area - this multi-functional room is where you will come for theatre-style shows and events but it can also turn into a large nightclub for when larger events can't be taken outside in bad weather.

Recreation and Fitness

There are plenty places to keep fit and active onboard Virgin Voyage’s ships. From solo training in the state-of-the-art gyms to group exercise classes on the open deck. Virgin Voyages offer a lot of ways to eat and drink but there are tonnes of options for those that want to balance out their vacation so they don’t feel too guilty when they get back home!

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Aquatic Club Pool on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Aquatic Club Pool

The Aquatic Club Pool is the central feature of Virgin Voyages' Aquatic Club area. While not designed for lap swimming or strenuous workouts, it provides guests with a cooling retreat and a unique space for dance and fun.

Well-being Pool on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Well-being Pool

This inviting oasis offers a tranquil space for guests to relax and unwind, with bar service and relaxing vibes to spend a long evening or a relaxed sea day.

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B-Complex Build + Balance on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

B-Complex Build + Balance

Introducing B-Complex Build + Balance, the dedicated space within the gym on Virgin Voyages cruise ships that caters to resistance training, weights, yoga, and other non-cardio activities.

B-Complex Burn + Bike on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

B-Complex Burn + Bike

The exhilarating cardio-focused side of the gym on Virgin Voyages cruise ships. This cutting-edge venue combines state-of-the-art TechnoGym equipment, high-intensity cardio workouts, and breathtaking ocean views.

Balance Studio on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Balance Studio

Balance Studio is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and wellness seekers. This state-of-the-art venue offers a wide range of fitness classes and wellness activities to help guests achieve their health goals.

Bike Studio on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Bike Studio

Get ready to pedal your way to fitness and experience the thrill of high-energy cycling workouts amidst breathtaking ocean views. Bike Studio is your destination for an invigorating and immersive spin class experience like no other.

Sports Area on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sports Area

Touted as a place for both group and individual sporting endeavours, the space offers a laid-back athletic setting against the backdrop of the vast ocean expanse.

The Athletic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Athletic Club

The Athletic Club on Virgin Voyages may have a sporty name, but it offers so much more than athletic activities. Covering the entire back of Deck 16, this area is a fun-filled playground for adults with a few unexpected surprises.

The Runway Running Track on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Runway Running Track

A running track wrapping around the aft funnel - offering joggers a 360 degree ocean view as they run around this 255 meter (0.16 mile) track.

Training Camp on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Training Camp

Designed for the fitness enthusiasts who prefer an intense, community-driven workout atmosphere, this outdoor gym offers a blend of cross-fit styled group classes and a broad range of fitness equipment.

Shops and Services

Virgin Voyages sets itself apart from most other cruise lines by not overwhelming their sailors with too many nickel-and-dime scams and gold-by-the-yard sales. The shops on board are nicely curated to offer a balance between souvenirs, practicality and luxury. There are a good few ways to spend any remaining Sailor Loot you might have before you leave the ship.

In addition to the shops on board there are a few venues that offer services most sailors will find useful including Sailor Services – Virgin Voyages’ name for guest services and a fully equip medical centre if the need arises.

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Booty Free Shop on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Booty Free Shop

The shop to make duty free purchases - premium alcohols, cigarettes and cigars are available to buy on most sailings (territory permitting) for you to collect when you disembark the ship at the end of your vacation.

High Street on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

High Street

The shops on board Virgin Voyage ships often change based on which ship you're boarding. They will often include souvenirs, luxury items like handbags, general fashion and accessories and cosmetics.

Necessities Shop on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Necessities Shop

A place to find must-haves for your vacations like; sun screen, basic medications, snacks, confectionary, technology chargers, books and some small trinkets.

Voyage Vinyl on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Voyage Vinyl

Here is where the DJ will often play to greet guests boarding on deck 7 - throughout the voyage this is where you can browse and sample vinyl records, a great photo spot!

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Chart Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Chart Room

A transient customer services spot, you'll likely make your way here on your first day to book some activities not available on the app - like spa treatments. On port days this is often where you will find people to ask about excursions.

Get Lost - Future Voyage Sales on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Get Lost - Future Voyage Sales

Virgin Voyage's name for future cruise bookings, here is where you can book your next cruise with Virgin or book a placeholder cruise to make sure you don't lose the option to take advantage of the on-board offers.

Medical Center on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Medical Center

A well-appointed medical center with doctors and nurses capable of providing assistance for medical problems or emergencies at sea.

Sailor Services on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sailor Services

Virgin Voyages®' answer to the traditional 'Guest Services' desk you would see in the atrium of most other cruise lines - Virgin's Sailor Services is a more casual walk-up space to ask questions and seek assistance during your voyage.

Tender Boarding Area on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Tender Boarding Area

Here is where you will get on and off the ship at most ports. Whether you're walking straight off into the port on a ramp or boarding a tender boat to take you to the dock on a short boat trip.

The Den / 'WPT at Sea' Poker Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Den / 'WPT at Sea' Poker Room

A large corporate area that is available to rent out on request. On the Scarlet Lady this area has been transformed into a WPT Poker Room for tournament play.

The Scene on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Scene

Tucked away from the bustling excitement on board Virgin Voyages, The Scene is a 'flexible event space' onboard the ship that can be rented for corporate events or used for quiet relaxation if not in use.

Places to Relax and Unwind

The ship might be fun of places and events to keep you entertained and partying but it’s all balanced out with some of the most comfortable and relaxing places to spend time at sea. From simple places to sit and enjoy watching the ocean float past to full-service spa and grooming facilities – you’ll certainly find a place to chill out from the hustle and bustle of ship life.

wellness Featured Wellness Venues

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Dry Dock on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Dry Dock

A beautifully appointed salon at sea - Dry Dock offers hair styling and blow drys. Although the location - just off the main walkway is a little on-display the ocean views and friendly staff make this a great addition.

Redemption Spa on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Redemption Spa

Virgin Voyages' beautifully appointed full-service spa is one of the best at sea, the treatments are great albeit on the pricier side - even as far as cruise lines go.

Stubble + Groom on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Stubble + Groom

Virgin Voyages' barbers at sea is small but well furnished salon for treatments like haircuts, beard trims and head massages. Some packages even offer an inclusive drink of whiskey or beer.

The Tune Up on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Tune Up

"The Tune Up" aboard Virgin Voyages is not just your average nail salon. This unique space offers a variety of treatments designed to pamper and rejuvenate, ensuring that every guest can look and feel their best while cruising the high seas.

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Aquatic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Aquatic Club

The surrounding area around the main pool is designed to give sailors the perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment, this area radiates a club-like atmosphere or chilled vibes depending on the time of day.

Richard’s Rooftop on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Richard’s Rooftop

Richard's Rooftop, the exclusive haven found aboard Virgin Voyages, is a special treat reserved for Rockstar guests - those fortunate enough to stay in suite-level accommodations.

Sun Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sun Club

Perched above Virgin Voyages' main pool and the 'Well-being Pool' whirlpool, the Sun Club offers a broad sunbathing area for those guests seeking to bask in the open-air tranquility of the sea.

The Perch on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Perch

A quiet area on the very top deck. A place for sanctuary and sun-worshipping. A great place for golden-hour 360 degree ocean views. The Perch allows for full body tanning as bikini tops are optional.

The Roundabout on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Roundabout

A large marble spiral staircase that takes the place of a traditional cruise ship atrium, with comfortable seating on deck 7 and innovative lighting that doubles as a giant compass you can always see which way is north.

The Smoking Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Smoking Room

A little sanctuary for smokers and their passive friends! The Smoking Room has a handful of slot machines and plenty of seating. A place to check for missing members of your group if they vanish from The Manor later in the night.

Unique Experiences

From its inception, Virgin Voyages have always sailed their own course, and although you won’t find 300ft water slides or go-kart racing tracks on these ships you will find plenty unique experiences on board that will turn into memorable highlights of your cruise vacation.

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Squid Ink Tattoo Parlor on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Squid Ink Tattoo Parlor

One of the most popular novelties of a Virgin Voyages cruise is the option to get fresh ink at sea! This tattoo parlour attracts well-renown tattoo artists from all over the world.

The Arcade on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Arcade

With lots of retro arcade games all without the need for quarters - you can play until you've beaten the high scores. With different options on each ship it's worth a visit at least once in every voyage.

The Cabanas on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Cabanas

The Cabanas on Virgin Voyages' ships promise an exclusive, upscale experience, offering guests a semblance of privacy amidst the flurry of shipboard activities.

The Casino on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Casino

A good-sized casino at sea - offering table games and the latest slots. Served by The Casino Bar this area gets very busy later in the evening where there's a real buzz of excitement in this space.

The Groupie on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Groupie

Private karaoke booths at sea - quite a unique experience. Bookable for free, included in your cruise fare you and up to 15 friends can enjoy singing thousands of songs in a digital catalogue with 2 mics and big screen in each of the 3 booths.

The Net on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

The Net

A catamaran-style net at the very back of deck 16 - jutting out of the stern of the ship that offers daring views straight down nine decks to The Dock bar—a sight not for the faint of heart.