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Pool Events

These events happen around the ship's main pool. It's always good to be ready to get wet because the fun really starts when you take the party into the pool itself! There are raised sections on each end of the pool so you can dance and be part of the action without having to go all the way in.

Let’s Set Sail (Sail Away Party) on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Let’s Set Sail (Sail Away Party)

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As your lady ship pushes away from the shore "Let's Set Sail" is the start of your vacation, with free bubbles and a mingle with your Happenings cast.

Scarlet Night: Pool Party on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Scarlet Night: Pool Party

One of the most talked-about events of any Virgin Voyage. The Scarlet Night Pool Party is the biggest Scarlet Night celebration. Dress to get wet as the party heats up when sailors are invited to let loose and dance in the pool!