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I co-founded VV Insider driven by my passion for exploring the intersections of technology, entertainment, and travel. With over a decade of experience in iOS development and a deep fascination with theme parks and cruises, I bring a distinctive perspective to my work and writing.


I’m an enthusiastic traveler, particularly fond of cruises, and I’ve been exploring the world’s seas for over a decade. My journey took a transformative turn in August 2021 when I embarked on a voyage with Virgin Voyages, sparking a newfound appreciation for innovative cruising experiences. Since then, I’ve been on nearly 15 Virgin Voyages since launch, having experienced the launch of every ship. Additionally, I attended the Media Virgin Voyages preview in Sydney in December 2024.

As a seasoned reviewer of apps from the App Store, I’ve gained valuable insights into app design and app journalism. My expertise in iOS development has been refined through years of hands-on experience, enabling me to create innovative and user-friendly applications.

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