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Employing my in-depth experience of crafting digital services for large organisations, I helped launch VV Insider in August 2023, a platform dedicated to simplifying the Virgin Voyages experience for a broad audience.

Having spent over a decade exploring various cruise vacations, featuring itineraries with Disney, Celebrity, Viking, and more. My first experience with Virgin Voyages was during their inaugural season in Portsmouth in 2021, which sparked a deep and lasting interest in the brand.

Since then, I have participated in several Virgin Voyages milestones, including the MerMaiden seasons of the Scarlet, Valiant, and Resilient Lady, and the brand’s debut trip to Australia in 2023, which included the special ‘Open Ship Night’ in Sydney Harbour. My meticulous research and analytical skills enable VV Insider to offer valuable insights that go beyond surface-level information, making it a trusted resource for both new and experienced cruisers as well as seasoned travel advisors.

My proficiency in user experience design and web development has been crucial in developing VV Insider into an accessible, user-friendly platform. My commitment to web accessibility ensures that all users, regardless of physical or cognitive abilities, can easily navigate and benefit from the site.

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