Tell Us About Your Facebook Group

Tell us about a Facebook group we haven’t listed yet or report a problem with a group we have listed. Haven’t set up a group yet? Find out how to set a new group up.

Rules For Listed Groups

Before listing a group we consider a few simple rules, we feel these are the fairest way to make sure our visitors find the most sailors and a great group.

  • The group must not be a duplicate – only the group with the highest number of members will be listed on our site, we do not have the ability to add another group at this time
  • The group can be ran by a First Mate (Travel Agent) but must not be overtly used a sales tool
  • The group must be managed with integrity with compassionate admins that do not allowing bullying or hate speech
  • The group must allow links from VV Insider to be posted

Contact Form

If there is an issue with the form email here with details of itinerary, ship and link.

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Please spell the month out to avoid date format confusion

Guide For Creating A New Group

Anyone can set up a Facebook Group, if you would like to set one up for your Virgin Voyages sailing, here are a few tips to help your get started.

Facebook’s instructions for creating a group

Naming your group

Name your group something that is easy to search on Facebook, bearing in mind people in other countries might use different date formats, you should include:

  1. Virgin Voyages
  2. The name of the ship [Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady or Brilliant Lady]
  3. The name of the itinerary
  4. The start date of the voyage – day, month (spelled out) and year

Try to avoid putting the end date in too as this is also the date the next cruise will sail which might confuse people in searches.

Example group names:

  • Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady Transatlantic 21 April 2024
  • Virgin Voyages Resilient Lady Greek Island Glow 7 July 2024
  • Virgin Voyages Valiant Lady Riviera Maya 2 June 2024

Getting Some Help

Reach out to others sailing with you to see if they would like to help manage the group with you – you can make them ‘moderators’. Moderators can help remove posts and links that are irrelevant or intended to sell unsolicited items.

Be Helpful

You can be helpful by answering questions that people ask in your group. A great way to help people is letting them know about VV Insider! You can share great tools like our Ultimate Know-Before-You-Go Sailor Guide or the Bar Tab Calculator every now and then. You can even set up a ‘welcome post’ that says hello to new members, including a link to VV Insider there is a great way to help people answer their burning questions.

Choosing a Cover Photo

This is your choice – it doesn’t need to be anything too fancy. You can search for an image of the ship you’ll be sailing on or perhaps a landmark of one of the places you will be visiting. If you’d like some assistance with this we can also provide our own banner type.

Get More Members

The best way to let everyone know about your new group is by coming back to this page and filling out the contact form. We will list your group on our site which will help other sailors find it quickly and easily.