Notable Cabins

We’ve put together some lists of cabins with good and bad points. These lists are good to have at hand if you’re in touch with your travel agent or Sailor Services agent to make sure you get the cabin that meets your needs.

Notable Cabins

Cabins With Good Points

  • pro Cabins That Have Extra Space

    These cabin are a little roomier than other cabins in this category. This is normally because they are designated accessible cabins which can only be booked by those that need them and should not be booked simply because of their extra space.

    Other cabins in this list are in parts of the ship like the bulkheads where they have to be larger because of the shape of the overall deck plan.

  • pro Cabins That Have a Larger Balcony

    These cabin’s balconies are larger than the balconies in other cabins in the same category.

  • pro Cabins That Are Close To Elevators / Lifts

    These cabins are close to the elevators or lifts meaning it will take less time to get to and from restaurants, venues and shops on board.

  • pro Cabins That Are Near Pools

    These cabins are very close to the pool areas meaning you can get changed and head to the pool in seconds.

Cabins With Bad Points

  • con Cabins That Have a Metal Balcony Instead of Glass

    These cabins have a metal balcony that will restrict your view of the sea. Some prefer this type of balcony versus the standard clear balcony as it offers a little more privacy while in port.

    Metal Railings on a Sea Terrace Balcony
    The railings of these balconies are made of steel© Photo by VV Insider
  • con Cabins That Are Close To Noisy Operations

    These cabins can be noisy because they are close to parts of the ship that can make a lot of operational noise like restaurant kitchens, the engine room or where the anchor chain is kept.

  • con Cabins That Are Close To Noisy Venues

    These cabins can be noisy because they are close to venues that play music, host shows or become very busy such as the Gym or The Galley.

  • con Cabins That Do Not Have Hammocks

    Unlike most cabins that have a balcony, the balconies of the cabins listed here don’t have the famous red hammocks – this is normally because they are in parts of the ship that means they cannot be installed.

    Although they may not have the famous red hammock. The vast majority of these cabins feature a hanging rattan chair that is bolted to the deck instead.

    Red ratan chair with a person sitting in it
    An example of the red rattan hanging chair© Photo by Virgin Voyages
  • con Cabins That Are in Busy Areas/Corridors

    These cabin are in busy areas such a corridor to a venue or operational area so it may be less private and may be noisy from doors closing or people walking by.

  • con Cabins That Are Far From Elevators / Lifts

    These cabins are far away from the elevators or lifts which means it may take longer to get back and forth from the venues on board.