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Miss Behave Show

Miss Behave Show on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Miss Behave Show on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Miss Behave Show: A live game show involving you!

Presenting the “Miss Behave Show” – a revolutionary game show that defies conventions. Brace yourself for a unique experience as Team AHOY and Team SAILOR engage in a fierce competition where winning and losing points can happen at any moment. You’ll know all the tunes, and probably end up shouting and screaming (and singing) along with this game show.

Charismatic Host & Charming Assistant

The show’s pulse lies in the unpredictable. Challenges range from deciphering melodies to chugging beer! Amidst the chaos, the Host and Assistant maintain a gripping atmosphere with some delightful performances including acrobatics, singing, dancing and more. Their charismatic presence and guidance ensure you’re not just a spectator, but a participant immersed in an unforgettable experience. Each ship has their own unique take on the show as well with different talents on display from the hosts.

A live singer at the miss behave show
Live performances from the hosts© Photo by The Miss Behave Show

A Grand Prize awaits

At the heart of “Miss Behave Show” is the ever looming Grand Prize finale. Team AHOY and Team SAILOR clash in a showdown to win the most points to win the grand prize!

Hosts at Misbehave Show holding a shout loudest song
Hosts at Misbehave Show© Photo by The Miss Behave Show


“Miss Behave Show” is a must see with each show a different version given the level of guest participation. The vast majority of guest participation is optional or for the entire room to participate so don’t feel you won’t enjoy it if you don’t like to participate. The hosts, variety and craziness guarantees a good time and you’ll leave wondering WTF just went on.

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