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The Red Room

The Red Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Red Room on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

About The Red Room

At the heart of Virgin Voyages’ commitment to innovation and design, ‘The Red Room’ stands as a testament to the cruise line’s unconventional approach to ship interiors. Departing from traditional cruise ship design norms, Virgin Voyages embarked on a bold mission, enlisting architects and designers who had never worked on sea projects before. This visionary “dream team” of international firms set out to create groundbreaking ship interiors that prioritize exceptional design and functionality.

A Theater Unlike Any Other

Among the spectacular spaces conceived by this pioneering approach is ‘The Red Room,’ the world’s first flexible, multi-form, and multi-purpose theater on a cruise ship. This remarkable venue has the extraordinary ability to morph from a 450-seat proscenium theater to a 550-seat alley configuration, and further transform into a flat floor – complete with a mosh pit – capable of accommodating up to 800 people. Such incredible versatility allows ‘The Red Room’ to cater to a wide range of performances and events, providing an unparalleled entertainment experience at sea.

The Red Room is designed to change layout depending on the event
The Red Room is designed to change layout depending on the event© Photo by WORKac

Innovative Seating and Design

At the core of ‘The Red Room’ lies its ingenious retractable Jezet seating. Carefully designed and detailed to seamlessly adapt to the ship’s movements, even under rough sea conditions, this cutting-edge seating technology ensures a comfortable and immersive experience for every guest. The 12m wide by 21m deep “wedge” of seating is a striking sight, appearing as a pixelated sea of colored seats in captivating red-purple hues. When retracted, the seats transform into a wall of drawers, revealing a glittery poured resin floor adorned with graphics that echo the sense of motion within the space, enhancing reflection and color from the exposed lighting grid above.

A side-view of the possible seating configurations for The Red Room
A side-view of the possible seating configurations for The Red Room© Photo by WORKac

Lighting that Sets the Stage

The lighting design for ‘The Red Room’ is as dynamic as the theater’s physical transformation. From the subtle modulation of hidden linear lighting, creating organic layering and three-dimensional relief across the walls, to the ability to completely alter the immersive lighting intensity and color of the theatrical grid, every performance setting is intimately linked to its own distinct lighting setting. The interplay of light and space fosters a captivating sense of immersion, heightening the theatrical experience for the audience.

Entertainment Extravaganza

‘The Red Room’ takes center stage as the venue for some of the most captivating entertainment onboard Virgin Voyages’ ships. From Scarlet Night events and pool parties, including rainy-day moves, to the fabulous ‘Bingo with The Diva’ featuring the resident drag queen, this versatile space hosts a range of ship-specific acrobatic shows like ‘Duel Reality’ and ‘Persephone.’ Guests can also look forward to larger touring productions and performances by renowned entertainers, ensuring a diverse and unforgettable entertainment lineup.

Bar Service and Environment

During events, guests at ‘The Red Room’ can enjoy a limited bar service offering basic wine and beer options, liquors, sodas, and some canned cocktails. It’s worth noting that as you enter the venue, any glassware you may be carrying will be replaced with shatterproof plastic cups, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. So don’t be surprised if your carefully crafted cocktail from Sip Lounge gets a new home in a plastic glass, courtesy of the attentive staff.


With ‘The Red Room,’ Virgin Voyages has redefined the possibilities of cruise ship theater design. This groundbreaking venue, brought to life by visionary architects and designers, offers an unmatched entertainment experience, showcasing the cruise line’s commitment to innovation, comfort, and style. Whether you’re witnessing world-class performances or reveling in themed events, ‘The Red Room’ promises an immersive journey into the world of art and entertainment at sea.

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