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Resilient & Scarlet Lady Stage Historic Meetup at End of Epic Crossings

Resilient Lady and Scarlet Lady met up near Spain after separate journeys; sailors celebrated the historic meetup before both ships dock in Barcelona.


Resilient Lady seen from Scarlet Lady
Resilient Lady seen from Scarlet Lady © Photo by VV Insider

As both Resilient Lady and Scarlet Lady conclude their epic journeys, they had the unique opportunity to rendezvous on Friday, May 3rd, 2024 as both head to the Mediterranean for the Summer season.

Two Epic Itineraries

Resilient Lady’s route back to Athens from Sydney was altered earlier this year, sailing around Cape Town from Sydney after her planned sailings through the Suez Canal were canceled due to regional conflicts. Meanwhile, Scarlet Lady is concluding a Transatlantic journey from Miami, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Both

Both vessels are set to dock in Barcelona in the coming days. Resilient Lady will conclude her 45-day crossing, arriving on May 4th, while Scarlet Lady’s Transatlantic voyage will dock on May 5th. Resilient Lady will continue her journey to Athens, marking the start of her Greek season.

Barcelona City View
Both ships will dock in Barcelona over the coming days © Photo by Logan Armstrong

Historic Encounter

The historic meeting occurred around 6pm local time near the coast of Spain, where sailors from both crossings gathered on the ships’ top decks to celebrate the occasion. This marks the second time for Virgin Voyages ships meeting with Valiant Lady meeting Scarlet Lady last year in the Caribbean.

Celebrations on Scarlet Lady© Photo by VV Insider

Celebrations on Scarlet Lady
Celebrations on Scarlet Lady© Photo by VV Insider
Celebrations on Scarlet Lady
Celebrations on Scarlet Lady© Photo by VV Insider
Scarlet Lady from Resilient Lady
Scarlet Lady from Resilient Lady© Photo by Patrick Calderon
Resilient Lady seen from Scarlet Lady
Resilient Lady seen from Scarlet Lady© Photo by VV Insider

Europe Summer Season Begins

Resilient Lady is slated to dock out of Athens for the summer before heading to Portsmouth for the remainder of her European season. Meanwhile, Scarlet Lady will depart from Barcelona and proceed to Rome for a dry dock on November 14th, 2024.

This rendezvous between Resilient Lady and Scarlet Lady marks a momentous occasion in their respective voyages and as Virgin Voyages prepares to expand the fleet with Brilliant Lady next year we can expect more meetups in the future.

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  1. Sally Vigors says:

    We’re on her and it was an incredible moment and hearing the horns blast to one another was truly amazing. We started in Sydney going all the way to Athens it’s been a great cruise staff are the best.

  2. Ralph DAmour says:

    So exited. We are on Resilient Lady May 9th from Athens. And in December will be Scarlets Lady turn. Then we will hurry up and book Brilliant Lady to???? Not sure for now.

  3. Ronda raspa says:

    We have been on the resilant lady in a mamouth crossing
    We have had lots of adventures and crew of the resilant lady have been amazing and have always catered to every need
    It’s been a very memorable cruise and we have loved every minute

  4. Kaye Clark says:

    What a moment great celebration. Will be on from south Hampton 29th sept I can’t wait another B/B for me love Resilent Lady

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