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Inside Look: Virgin Voyages Sets Sail to Australia For The First Time

On Sunday October 22nd, Virgin Voyages will begin their historic 45 day journey to Australia to kick off the Winter season in the land down under. Comprised of 3 separate legs the Resilient Lady will begin her journey in Athens, Greece, her current home port and then head to some of the world's most exotic destinations.


Resilient Lady made her first visit to Sydney on 4 December 2023 after an epic 45 day crossing from Athens, Greece in October 2023 © Photo by Caleb

On Sunday October 22nd, Virgin Voyages will begin their historic 45 day journey to Australia to kick off the Summer (US Winter) season in the land down under. Comprised of 3 separate legs the Resilient Lady will begin her journey in Athens, Greece, her current home port and then head to some of the world’s most exotic destinations.

The initial leg of the journey will conclude as sailors reach Dubai on November 4th, where they will have an overnight stay and disembark on November 5th. The subsequent stage commences on November 5th with another overnight stay in Dubai, followed by departure on November 6th for the second part of the voyage towards Singapore. Departure from Singapore for the third leg will take place on November 20th. The entire voyage will culminate with a grand celebration in Sydney on December 4th, followed by an overnight stay, and sailors disembarking on December 5th. The Resilient Lady will then be docked in Sydney till December 7th for media based events.

Diverse Set of Ports

On this 45-day Virgin Voyages adventure, sailors will have the chance to explore more than 15 captivating ports, each offering something different. What sets this journey apart is the inclusion of several overnight stops including Mumbai, Port Said (Cairo), Kuala Lumpur & Sydney. This extended time in select destinations provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and savor the essence of each place.


As the Resilient Lady starts its journey setting sail from Athens, passengers will be treated to the iconic sights of the ancient Greek capital. The Acropolis, Plaka, and countless historical treasures will provide the perfect backdrop to start the voyage of a lifetime. Additional stops in Santorini and Rhodes allow for further exploration of Greece. 

Historical Athens© Photo by Constantinos Kollias


From Athens, the Resilient Lady will head to Egypt with stops in Port Said (Cairo) and Safaga, offering travelers the opportunity to explore the mysteries of this ancient land. The ship will also sail through the Suez Canal as part of its journeys in Egypt. Passengers will have the chance to marvel at the grandeur of the Pyramids and explore the treasures of the Egyptian Museum.  Due to current world events the stops in Egypt may change – more info. 


Continuing the journey, Dubai’s dazzling skyline and world-class attractions await. The opulence of the Burj Khalifa, the thrill of desert safaris, and the vibrant culture of this city will leave passengers captivated.

Dubai© Photo by David Rodrigo


In India, passengers will immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of traditions and cultures. With stops in Mumbai and Goa, the country’s diversity will leave a lasting impression.

Sri Lanka

The Resilient Lady will make an overnight stop in Colombo, Sri Lanka, known as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean.” Travelers can soak in the beauty of ancient temples and lush tea plantations while savoring the warm hospitality of the locals.


Thailand offers a change of pace with its serene beaches and lush landscapes. Passengers can unwind in the tranquility of Thai islands with a stop in Phuket. 

A large grey cruise ship cutting through the waves with red lifeboats and funnels. There is a glamorous mermaid painted on the side. Against a setting sun background.
Virgin Voyages® Resilient Lady cruise ship© Photo by Virgin Voyages®


One of the highlights of the voyage is the stop at Port Klang, Malaysia. This bustling port city is known for its efficient container handling facilities and plays a crucial role in the region’s trade. Sailors can explore the local culture, enjoy delicious Malaysian cuisine, and venture into nearby Kuala Lumpur to see iconic landmarks such as the Petronas Towers.


The final leg begins in Singapore where sailors will be enchanted by the vibrant city-state of Singapore. Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, and the delectable street food stalls offer a taste of the city’s rich culture.

Merlion Park, Singapore© Photo by Joshua Ang


The voyage continues with an overnight stop to the paradise island of Bali, Indonesia, renowned for its stunning beaches, lush terraced rice fields, and vibrant arts scene. Sailors can indulge in relaxation and exploration in this tropical haven.


Australia welcomes sailors with its stunning landscapes and unique wildlife. Stops in Darwin, Cairns and Airlie Beach allow sailors to really experience the best of the coast of Australia.  

As the grand journey approaches its conclusion the Resilient Lady will sail into Sydney harbor early evening on the 4th December for a special overnight in Sydney. This momentous event will see the lady ship sail right next to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Events On Board

With so many sea days on these special voyages Virgin Voyages has some of the best entertainment at sea waiting for sailors. With its award winning headline shows, events by the happenings cast, additional Festival Stage acts and multiple musicians coming on board there’ll be something new every day to experience. Some of the highlights include the return of favorites like The Free Label, Ben Price, The Performing Nerd as well as new acts to the brand such as Our Lady Valentine and The White Rooms.

‘The Free Label’ guest band© Photo by The Free Label

Here’s all of the highlights from all three of the legs:

Athens to Dubai

Festival Stage:

The Magnets – An a cappella group known for their captivating harmonies and unique vocal performances.

Tamer Kattan – A stand-up comedian known for his hilarious and thought-provoking routines.

Ben Price – A talented impressionist and comedian who can mimic a wide range of celebrities and characters.

Marc Paul – A skilled magician and mentalist who wows audiences with his mind-bending illusions.

Dom Chambers – A magician and comedian known for his witty humor and innovative magic tricks.

Guest Bands:

The Lee Boys ft. Dirty Bird – A dynamic fusion of gospel, blues, and rock music, featuring the powerful vocals of Dirty Bird.

Lottery Winners – An indie pop band with catchy tunes and an energetic stage presence.

Undecided Future – A versatile band known for their mix of funk, pop, and rock influences.

Speaker Series:

Hannan Hass – An influential speaker sharing insights and wisdom 

Dubai Talk – Exploring its extraordinary journey from a humble fishing village to a global metropolis, highlighting its rich history, culture, and rapid development.

Dubai to Singapore

Festival Stage:

Our Lady Valentine – A captivating indie rock band with a dreamy and atmospheric sound.

Performing Nerd – A comedy act that combines humor with Rubik’s cubes and more.

Ray Bradshaw – A witty and talented Scottish comedian known for his sharp humor and winning a Scottish Culture Award.

Mickey D – A seasoned comedian with a knack for storytelling and observational humor.

Shane St James – A world renowned hypnotist from Brisbane.

Jeff Green – A comedian known for his hilarious anecdotes, clever wit and standup specials from the UK.

Tom Crosbie: The Performing Nerd© Photo by Performing Nerd

Guest Bands:

Noreda Graves & Her Band – A soulful and bluesy band led by the powerful vocals of Noreda Graves.

The White Rooms – A rock band with a dynamic sound and a penchant for high-energy performances.

The Free Label – An Alt-Pop 6 piece band from Toronto, Canada. The Free Label sing not only covers but their own music including their hit single “All Night”.

Speaker Series:

India Talk – A thought-provoking discussion series on various topics related to India.

Sri Lanka Talk – An informative series of talks on Sri Lankan culture, history, and more.

Thailand Talk – Insights and discussions on Thailand’s diverse culture and heritage.

Malaysia Talk – Conversations and presentations on the rich history and culture of Malaysia.

Steven Navin – A prominent speaker contributing to the speaker series.

Singapore to Sydney:

Festival Stage:

Travis Jay – A charismatic stand-up comedian with a unique perspective on life and humor.

Michael Connell – A seasoned comedian known for his clever and relatable comedy.

Michael Bennett – A comedian for the past 20 years were he has been entertaining and enthralling audiences.

Tim Motley – A masterful physical comedian who brings laughter with audience participation.

Ashley Fils-Aime – The Haiti-born comedian was raised in Miami, Florida and has been performing since the age of 18

Martin Ralph – Renowned as Australia’s friendliest comedian, clean and clever.

Speaker Series:

Stephen Attenborough – Former commercial director at Virgin Galactic will tell all about the newest Richard Branson enterprise.

Indonesia Talk – A talk on Indonesia’s culture, history, and contemporary issues.

Aussie Talk – Discussions and presentations on various aspects of Australian culture and society.

Stephen Attenborough at Wired 2013

Guest Bands:

The Free Label – An Alt-Pop 6 piece band from Toronto, Canada. The Free Label sing not only covers but their own music including their hit single “All Night”.

Bare Jams – A band known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy.

Dustin Monk & The Hustle – A band that delivers a high-energy fusion of rock, funk, and soul music.

Equator Ceremony – There will be a special celebration when the lady shop crosses the equator, common on most vessels !

To Australia & Beyond

The entire adventure spans an incredible 45 days, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the culture, history, and natural beauty of these remarkable destinations. Virgin Voyages’ Resilient Lady promises to deliver an unforgettable cruise experience, rich in diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and remarkable experiences.

Once in Australia Resilient Lady will embark on a number of special voyages including visits to New Zealand, before returning on the same route in the opposite direction in April 2024. 

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Co-Founder and Editor. An iOS developer and writer with a passion for theme parks and extensive cruise experience, blending technical know how with a love for Virgin Voyages nearing 15 sailings around the world.


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    1. Very good point thank you, we’re brits so excited to have a winter in the sun!

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