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Horseplay Seahorse Auction & Race

Race your own personalized painted seahorse for the chance to win the grand cash prize on the final day of your cruise!

Horseplay Seahorse Auction & Race on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Horseplay Seahorse Auction & Race on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

There are three components to the Horseplay, the seahorse auction, winners then paint their seahorse and finally take part in the seahorse race. We’ll explore how Horseplay works and how you get in on the action to potentially win cash! 

Seahorse Auction

At the start of the voyage, you’ll have the opportunity to wage your best bids in a lighthearted, live auction to become proud seahorse owners who will eventually compete in Horseplay.

Seahorse Auction Pricing

The minimum bid for a sea horse is $50 with Virgin taking a small commission for the event, keep in mind this is an auction against other players so the seahorse can be sold for more. There are 6 sea horses total to bid on.

Paint your Seahorse with The Artist

You’ll give life to your seahorse through a private workshop with the resident artist, part of your Happenings Cast. You’ll even be treated  with complimentary bevies during this session adding value to your seahorse. 

Paint your Seahorse with the Artist
Paint your Seahorse with the Artist© Photo by VV Insider

Seahorse Race

Think of the Seahorse Race as a traditional horse race with a twist, sailors will play on a game board with a wooden seahorse in a turn/dice based race. Expect twists and turns on this game board as players lapse each other in a heated game. 

A game board for racing seahorses
The final Seahorse race with The Gamer & The Flare© Photo by VVInsider

Final Day Race

Usually on the final day of your voyage you will meet with your fellow racers at The Roundabout. You’ll then “race” your personalized (and personally named) seahorse on a game board. Competing to take home the glorious cash-prize and the bragging rights on the ship.

Sailors can also join The Gamer to root for their favorite team but only one seahorse can take the grand prize!

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