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Klub Rubiks: Not your Average 80s Party

Put on your 1980s-inspired glad-rags and get ready to boogie with fun electric beats and the occasional dance interlude from The Happenings Cast. With some zany performances and fun music this club night is a must!

Klub Rubiks: Not your Average 80s Party on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Klub Rubiks: Not your Average 80s Party on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

Klub Rubiks: Throwback to the 1980s

Klub Rubiks is Virgin Voyages’ homage to the vibrant 1980s, complete with electric beats and dance performances by The Happenings Cast. This exciting club night transports guests back to the era of neon, sparkles, and unforgettable music, promising an evening filled with nostalgia and fun.

Dress Code and Atmosphere

Although there’s no strict dress code, guests are encouraged to dress in their 1980s finest for Klub Rubiks. The louder, more neon, and more sparkly the attire, the better. This theme night aims to create a relaxed, yet energetic atmosphere that stimulates guests to let loose, dance, and enjoy the tunes from an iconic decade in music history.

Music and Performances

The DJ set features 1980s music that keeps the party going late into the night. As the early hours approach, the set transitions into club classics, ensuring the dance floor stays alive with movement.

Throughout Klub Rubiks, The Happenings Cast helps to maintain the momentum with their own 1980s-inspired performances. Guests can expect to see:

  • Dancers with Rubik’s cube heads invading the dance floor
  • An interpretive dance performance to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart,”
  • A show-stopping appearance by The Diva. In a memorable spectacle: The Diva arrives on a miniature grand piano, adding a touch of surrealism and humor to the night.
  • Other silly 1980s-inspired surprises
Rubik's cube head characters
A show stop during Klub Rubiks© Photo by VV Insider


Klub Rubiks is a must-visit event for those who enjoy themed nights, dance parties, and a dose of 1980s nostalgia. Virgin Voyages ensures a memorable experience filled with lively music, fun performances, and lively atmosphere.

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  1. Patti says:

    We are very disappointed this wasn’t made public earlier. We are on our way from Brisbane and have nothing to wear for 80’s night.
    Hopefully we won’t be the odd ones out

    1. Robb Koons says:

      Is this for future voyages? I’m sailing Dec 6th and I’d love to do this!!

      1. Rob Sammons says:

        This event is only on Resilient Lady on longer sailings but should be on your sailing.

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