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Voyage Vinyl

Voyage Vinyl on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Voyage Vinyl on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Voyage Vinyl: Music and Record Store

Voyage Vinyl is an immersive music venue and record store aboard Virgin Voyages cruise ships. Honoring Virgin’s storied history in the music industry, Voyage Vinyl revives the timeless allure of vinyl records and offers a unique and enjoyable space for music lovers.

Musical Experiences and Selections

Situated above The Roundabout on deck 7, Voyage Vinyl is often where the DJ sets up to welcome guests as they board the ship. It serves as a musical hub throughout the voyage, inviting guests to explore and sample a wide array of vinyl records. The venue features personal listening stations where sailors can enjoy their favorite albums, spanning various eras and genres.

In addition to its broad musical selection, Voyage Vinyl also sells unique items such as limited-edition curated albums and special editions of classic records. Sailors can also purchase music magazines, headphones, and record players to enhance their musical experience.

Live Performances and Purchases

Voyage Vinyl is more than just a record store—it’s also a performance venue. The resident DJs on Virgin Voyages often play live sets here, adding another dimension to the music-focused experience.

Purchasing items at Voyage Vinyl is straightforward. If a guest wants to buy a record, they can ask a retail staff member from The High Street shops located downstairs to unlock the cases for them. The staff will also handle transactions once the guest has made their choice.

Usage of Sailor Loot Credit

For guests with unused Sailor Loot credit towards the end of their voyage, Voyage Vinyl presents a great opportunity. The variety of records and music-related items available makes it an ideal place to spend any remaining credit and bring home a unique souvenir from the cruise.

Our Thoughts

Overall, Voyage Vinyl delivers an engaging blend of musical exploration and shopping. Whether guests are vinyl collectors, casual listeners, or simply looking for a unique photo opportunity, this venue offers a noteworthy stop during their voyage.

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