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Duel Reality

Duel Reality on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Duel Reality on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

Duel Reality: A High-Flying Twist on Romeo and Juliet

Imagine a world where star-crossed lovers are circus stars, their love story unfolding through graceful and death-defying acrobatics. This is “Duel Reality,” an elaborate and fast-paced retelling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, produced by the acclaimed circus troupe, The 7 Fingers.

A Spectacle in the Round

“Duel Reality” is designed to engage you from every angle in the Red Room, ensuring there are no bad seats in the house. Each performance offers multiple viewpoints, making each visit a unique experience. The theater is structured in such a way that wherever you choose to sit, you’ll enjoy an intimate view of the stunts and spectacles unfolding before you.

A Tale of Two Teams

Upon arrival, the audience is divided into two teams, the blue team and the red team, each supporting one side of the feuding families. Attendees are provided with fabric wristbands in the color of their assigned team. As the story progresses, the audience becomes part of the performance, participating in the narrative of unity by throwing their wristbands onto the stage.

Death-Defying Acts

“Duel Reality” is an extravaganza of stunts and acrobatics that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Highlights include performers launching into the air and landing on tiny platforms, daring juggling acts, and breath-taking feats on an aerial pole. The performers’ skill and precision make for an electrifying spectacle as they fall within a fraction of an inch of the floor.

A woman spinning 5 hula hoops lit in blue, with a red backdrop
© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

A Grand Finale

Perhaps the most striking act is the seesaw stunt, where two acrobats leverage the apparatus to launch each other into the air. This feat of strength and precision encapsulates the tension and the release of the narrative, drawing the show to an impressive close.


“Duel Reality” is a spectacle of agility, strength, and grace that brings a beloved classic to life with a thrilling twist. If you’re ready to experience a Romeo and Juliet like never before, join us for a performance during your voyage.

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