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Chart Room

About The Chart Room

The Chart Room is a central service hub on Virgin Voyages cruise ships. Often the first port of call for sailors upon embarking, this versatile space is where guests can book activities and treatments that aren’t available on the Virgin Voyages app. Furthermore, on days when the ship docks at ports, the Chart Room serves as an information point for guests with questions about excursions.

Main Features

The most noticeable element within the Chart Room is a large red plastic table. This distinct piece of furniture is situated at the top of the marble stairs that lead to The Roundabout, a central hub of the ship.

Also located in the Chart Room is a detailed scale model of the ship. Protected under a glass case, the model provides a visual representation of the cruise ship’s layout and design.

Watch Out for Some Key Pop-up Events

In addition to being a service center, the Chart Room hosts various pop-up events. One recurring event is the ‘Glam Station’, which provides guests the opportunity to embellish their faces with glitter and jewels in preparation for the evening’s events.

During the much-anticipated Scarlet Night, an event unique to Virgin Voyages, the Chart Room invites guests to contribute their ‘salty secrets’ to a communal sailor’s net. These anonymous contributions are part of the collective memory and shared experiences that are central to each voyage.

Our Thoughts

The Chart Room serves multiple functions on Virgin Voyages cruise ships. It’s not only a place where guests can seek assistance and gather information but also a venue that hosts unique events and adds to the overall experience of the voyage.

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