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Get Lost – Future Voyage Sales

Get Lost - Future Voyage Sales on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Get Lost - Future Voyage Sales on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

Get Lost: Future Voyage Sales

Located just off of The Roundabout on deck 7 Get Lost is the designated venue on for future cruise bookings. This space provides sailors the opportunity to secure their next vacation while still onboard, either by booking a specific future cruise or by reserving a placeholder cruise (My Next Virgin Voyage). This allows guests to take advantage of exclusive onboard offers.

Cruise Planners

Up to three cruise planners are available at Get Lost, ready to guide guests through the various options. The planners offer personalized service and can help sailors select a cruise that matches their preferences, whether it’s an itinerary focusing on relaxation, adventure, or cultural experiences.

You don’t need to decide on a particular voyage. You can book a ‘placeholder’ cruise which Virgin Voyages call My Next Virgin Voyage (MNVV) that can be used on any sailing in the next two years. My Next Virgin Voyage does come with some limitations that your planner can inform you about.

Onboard Booking Benefits

Guests accessing the MNVV offer by booking their future cruise at Get Lost can only do so onboard. Sailors can book directly at the Get Lost venue or through the Virgin Voyages app. Please note that these discounts cannot be added retrospectively to bookings made elsewhere. It’s essential for guests to obtain a reference number and a confirmation email before disembarking.

Many of the offers will include additional Bar Tab, Sailor Loot or both, as well as a percentage discount on the cruise fare.

Note: The planners can help you find the best prices available they are not able to give discretionary discounts. With this in mind there is no need to haggle with the cruise planners because they’ll not be able to help.

Using a First Mate

If you normally use a First Mate/Travel Agent (TA) to book your sailings, fear not. You can book directly and then use the reference number to ‘port’ your booking over to your preferred agent. This way you can often stack additional discounts and you won’t deprive your favourite TA of their commission!

Busy Times and Interactive Tools

The Get Lost venue tends to become busy towards the end of each cruise. Thus, we recommend that guests visit as early as possible during their voyage to avoid crowds and to secure the best options for their next cruise.

To assist guests in browsing the available itineraries, an interactive tablet is set up within the venue. With this tool, guests can easily review the range of cruise options available on Virgin Voyages, including destination details, duration, and special features of each itinerary.

Our Thoughts

Get Lost provides guests on Virgin Voyages with an easy way to plan and book their next cruise vacation. Offering the additional benefit of exclusive on board offers there is no better time to book a voyage on board. The venue enhances the overall cruise experience by adding an element of anticipation and excitement for future voyages.

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