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My Next Virgin Voyage – On Board Offer

Save on future Virgin Voyages cruises with ‘My Next Virgin Voyage’ placeholder offer. Secure discounts and onboard credit within 24 months.

An offer presented as $600 onboard credit, $300 off a future voyage
© Photo by Virgin Voyages

As with most cruise lines it is always cheaper to book on board than it is when you get home. However it’s difficult to decide on the exact sailing you want to commit to. Virgin offers their equivalent of a ‘placeholder’ sailing, they call it ‘My Next Virgin Voyage’ (you might see people refer to this as MNVV) offering a discount and Sailor Loot (onboard credit) for a deposit.

Depending on when you purchased your offer there are different terms and conditions to get specific loot:

After July 30th 2024

Before July 30th 2024

How Long is a ‘My Next Virgin Voyage’ (MNVV) Valid For?

These placeholders will be valid for any sailing within 24 months of you paying your deposit (check your terms depending on the type of MNVV). If you’re thinking you will want to sail with Virgin Voyages more than once over the coming 2 years you can book up to four MNVVs on each sailing.

Which Cabins are Eligible?

Anyone sailing on a voyage can get an MNVV but you must book and sail within 2 years on one of the following categories:

Lock it in Rates (Insider, Sea View & Sea Terrace), Social Insider, Solo Insider, The Insider, Solo Sea View, The Sea View, and Ltd View Sea Terrace are excluded from this offer.

How do I use my ‘My Next Virgin Voyage’ offer?

This offer will appear directly on your sailor account just go to the Virgin Voyages website. You can also transfer it to your First Mate travel agent or call Sailor Services to book.

Combine With Any Offer

The best part of My Next Virgin Voyage is that you can combine it with the vast majority of other offers such as percentage off second sailor. The only sailings that are not eligible are deeply discounted rates (for example Sweepstakes, Casino, Charters, First Mate Rates, Lock It In Rates, etc.).

Transfer to Friends

Virgin is very flexible with the My Next Virgin Voyage offer and allows you to book on behalf of friends and transfer the offer to them. Just contact Sailor Services with their details and note that the offer can only be transferred once.


Purchased After July 30th 2024 (Current Offer)

The current version of MNVV will be sunsetted on July 30th 2024, and replaced on July 31st 2024, stay tuned for more information. Any MNVV’s bought before this date will still be valid with the current terms.

Resilient Lady in Santorini
Resilient Lady in Santorini© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Purchased Before July 30th 2024

The following terms only apply to MNVVs purchased before July 30th 2024. Note that if you purchased an MNVV between February 1st and July 30th 2024 there are additional conditions to get the full Sailor Loot.

Exclusive Benefits

My Next Virgin Voyage offers exclusive benefits for those putting down a $300 deposit:

  • $300 deposit removed from your next sailing
  • $300 off the voyage fare
  • $600 on board Sailor Loot credit

Note: Sailor Loot is reduced to $300 for any booking made 60 days after purchasing an MNVV (between February 1st 2024 and July 30th 2024) or if using The Lasting Glow offer. MNVV purchased before February 1st 2024 will not be subject to the 60 days limit for the $600 loot. Any MNVV’s bought will retain the terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

An offer presented as $600 onboard credit, $300 off a future voyage
The original My Next Virgin Voyage off r© Photo by Virgin Voyages

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Co-Founder and Editor. An iOS developer and writer with a passion for theme parks and extensive cruise experience, blending technical know how with a love for Virgin Voyages nearing 15 sailings around the world.

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  1. Lavonne says:

    As a first time VV cruiser, it would’ve been nice to know that you still have to put down an additional deposit (20% total) once you’re ready to book. I was surprised when this happened to me with 3 MNVV.

  2. Laura says:

    If I purchase the MNVV can I use it when I book through an agent? Does thr currency matter or is interchangeable between $, £ and €? I jad a previous voucher and had to book through USA which is not prefereable when I am based in Europe.

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Hi Laura, you can but the currency is locked in at the one that is purchased at

  3. Jake says:

    When looking at the MNVV change date of 1 February 2024, is that on USA time? I will be going on a cruise ex Australia on 1 February which will still be 31 January in the USA where the call centre is based. Thoughts?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Jake, typically the way on board offers have changed in the past it won’t be at midnight eastern, it’d be a change on the day itself, so you’d likely find the offer has already changed. But head to Get Lost on deck 7 and they’ll help you out.

  4. DM says:

    Hi, is MNVV generally usable on all sailings? Some cruises aren’t appearing when looking at MNVV, but are definitely there for a regular booking.

    1. VV Insider says:

      Yes, the only restrictions with MNVV would be charter cruises that sell accommodations through a third party provider. If you’re having trouble using your MNVV on a particular sailing you may need to speak with Sailor Services.

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