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Sailor Services on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Sailor Services on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Sailor Services: The Go-to Help Desk at Sea

Onboard the Virgin Voyages ships, the Sailor Services desk, Virgin’s contemporary take on traditional Guest Services, is a relaxed walk-up spot where passengers can seek assistance or ask questions during their journey.

Unlike the guest service desks in the atrium of most cruise lines, Virgin’s Sailor Services offers a more informal approach, embracing accessibility and efficiency. If you need help pre-sail the team are available via phone or email.

Avoid a Long Wait

While Sailor Services is always ready to assist, certain times might see increased activity. On the first day of the cruise and the last night or morning, sailors are often busy with inquiries about Bar Tabs, Sailor Loot, and Cabin assignments. If your question isn’t urgent, it’s advised to avoid these peak times.

Use the Virgin Voyages App

Save yourself a trip down to Deck 5 and make use of the Virgin Voyages® App. The app lets you message Sailor Services directly, giving the team the time to find the correct answer to your questions and respond at their convenience. It’s a great way to get your queries addressed without needing to wait in line.

Help is Everywhere

Remember, you might not even need to approach the Sailor Services desk for general queries. Virgin Voyages’ well-trained crew members spread across the ship are equipped to help with many of your questions. Whether it’s your cabin room host or a crew member you run into on the deck, don’t hesitate to ask.

Private Consultations

For sensitive or complex queries, a private room adjoins the desks. Here, you can have a one-on-one meeting with a Sailor Services manager. However, it’s essential to start your conversation with an agent first. They might be able to help you right away or guide you to the manager if your situation requires escalation.


Sailor Services on Virgin Voyages brings a refreshing and relaxed approach to onboard assistance. Whether you have a quick question or need more in-depth support, the team stands ready to help, ensuring your voyage remains smooth and enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to use the available resources – after all, they’re there to enhance your cruising experience.

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