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Portsmouth Sailings Confirmed: Netherlands, Norway and Iceland Rumoured

Cruise enthusiasts had been eagerly marking their calendars for Virgin Voyages' 2024 itinerary announcement. As it happens in the vibrant world of luxury cruises, the announcement was unexpectedly postponed. Yet, where there's a void of official news, speculations surge to fill the gap.


A Virgin Voyages cruise ship sails past the coastline of Portsmouth with an orange tug boat sailing alongside
Virgin Voyages® in Portsmouth © Photo by Virgin Group

Update 7 September 2023

With the announcement of 2024/2025 sailings it is now clear that Iceland sailings are not part of this coming season’s announcement.

It is unclear at this time if Virgin Voyages intend to sail to Iceland but the port listings mentioned in this article still remain live.

We will post any updates regarding Virgin Voyages’ plans in Iceland in the future once we get further confirmation.

Update – 31 August 2023

Virgin Voyages vice president of UK/international sales, Shane Riley, said: “The rumours are true, we’re returning to our British roots, and we couldn’t be more excited.

“Portsmouth was where we set sail on our maiden voyage and introduced what it means to set sail the Virgin way, so it has a very special place in our hearts. 

“The best part is these series of ‘Portsmouth Shorts’ itineraries are just a fraction of the news we have to share. 

“All I can say is stay tuned for epic news – we’ve got more sailing your way next week, and the new itineraries will be available to book starting Sept. 7.”

Cruise enthusiasts had been eagerly marking their calendars for Virgin Voyages’ 2024 itinerary announcement. As it happens in the vibrant world of luxury cruises, the announcement was unexpectedly postponed. Yet, where there’s a void of official news, speculations surge to fill the gap.

Virgin Voyages, renowned for seamlessly blending luxury with adventure, has primarily offered destinations bathed in the warmth of the Greek and Adriatic sun in recent times. So, the possibility of a departure from this tropical pattern in favor of Northern European sailings has undoubtedly piqued interest.

The speculations gained momentum when an online post from Virgin Voyages hinted at sailings from Portsmouth. This is an intriguing prospect given that the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady maiden voyages both set sail from this port back in 2021.

A website screenshot reading: From deep dives into history to island hops across the Med - this is your chance to get 30% off all European voyages and secure next year's summer plans. With $600 in free drinks across our ship and brand-new itineraries out of your backyard in Portsmouth, we'll make the summer of 2024 one to remember. So hurry to save your spot on board before 28 September
A mention of Portsmouth sailings appeared on the Virgin Voyages website earlier today© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

A Portsmouth Homecoming?

The essence of the speculation revolves around a potential return to Portsmouth, a location that holds nostalgic significance for Virgin Voyages. The maiden voyages of both the Scarlet Lady and Valiant Lady (in 2021 and 2022 respectively) embarked from this port. Thus, a return would not only offer a sentimental journey back to the company’s roots but also signal a nod to the enduring bond with its early sailing days.

A post on the Virgin Voyages website casually mentioning sailings from Portsmouth has further fueled the rumors. Such a move, should it come to fruition, can be viewed as a celebration of the brand’s growth while honoring its origin story.

The Allure of Northern Europe

If the rumors are to be trusted, destinations like Zebrugge, Amsterdam, Reykjavík, Alesund amongst others are on the cards. But what do these locations hold for the eager traveler?


The capital city of Iceland home to the National and Saga museums, tracing Iceland’s Viking history.

Scarlet Lady is scheduled to call in Reykjavík on:

18th August, 19th August & 20th August


A Norwegian port town on the west coast of Norway, at the entrance to the Geirangerfjord. It’s known for the art nouveau architectural style in which most of the town was rebuilt after a fire in 1904

Scarlet Lady is scheduled to call in Ålesund on:

13th July, 23rd July, 1st August, 14th August & 24th August


Serving as a gateway to the historically enriched city of Bruges, Zeebrugge offers an intoxicating blend of medieval architecture, cobbled streets, and romantic canals. A stopover here promises a journey back in time, offering a tantalizing prospect for history and art aficionados.

Resilient Lady is scheduled to call in Zeebrugge on:

23rd August, 29th August, 6th September & 18th September

Brilliant Lady is scheduled to call in Zeebrugge on:

7th May, 29th July, 7th August, 3rd September, 18th September, 24th September, 9th October, 15th October


The Dutch capital, known for its artistic heritage and a canal system crisscrossed by narrow houses, is a unique European gem. Beyond its famous museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House, the city boasts vibrant street life, rich history, and an unmatched cultural scene.

Detailed port schedules suggest that both Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady are slated for multiple stops in these Northern European destinations during August and September 2024. The schedule hints at a healthy mix of exploration and relaxation for prospective sailors.

Resilient Lady is scheduled to call in Amsterdam on:

24th August, 27th August, 1st September, 5th September, 16th September and 21st September

Brilliant Lady is scheduled to call in Amsterdam on:

8th May, 13th May, 17th May, 27th May, 7th June, 18th June, 30th June, 16th July, 20th July, 4th August, 10th August, 27th August, 31st August, 16th September, 21st September, 7th October, 12th October

A canal in Amsterdam with banks surrounded by colourful buildings and bicycles
It’s rumoured 2024 could bring Virgin Voyages® ships back to Northern Europe© Photo by Nastya Dulhiier

Looking Ahead

While the allure of such destinations combined with Virgin Voyages’ signature luxury is undeniable, enthusiasts are reminded to exercise a touch of patience. Speculations, however exciting, are just that until officially confirmed.

Who knows where the Virgin Voyages® ships could go from these rumoured ports? Popular cruise itineraries from other brands include Norway and Iceland or other British Isles ports.

However, should these rumors turn out to be true, 2024 could offer a unique blend of nostalgia and exploration for Virgin Voyages’ patrons. A Northern European foray could well be the next chapter in their storied voyage.



Reykjavik Cruise Schedule:

Alesund Cruise Schedule:

Zeebrugge Port Schedule:

Amsterdam Port Schedule:

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