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Cabin 5 266 A

deck Deck 5
kind The Sea View cabin
user Up to 2 sailors
The Sea View cabin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
The Sea View cabin* on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

*NOTE: We do not have a specific photo of 5266A yet, this photo is of a similar cabin so the actual layout and view may differ.

About cabin 5266A

Cabin 5266A is a The Sea View cabin on deck 5 of the Virgin Voyages ships. This cabin belongs to the Sea View category of cabins.

Things you should know about cabin 5266A

  • con Close to noisy venues

    This cabin can be noisy because it is close to venues that play music, host shows or become very busy such as the Gym or The Galley.

Notes about where cabin 5266A is located

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The ’A’ in the cabin number means it is on the port side of the ship (left of the ship if you’re looking straight forward). This can sometimes be important if you’re doing a repositioning voyage like a Transatlantic crossing as it will determine if you will have the sunshine or not.

Cabin features

  • Large-screen TV with touch tablet remote control
  • Sensory mood lighting
  • ’Glam area‘ - desk and mirror with plenty of space for getting ready
  • Generously sized rain-head shower
  • Shampoo, conditioner and body wash

Bed configuration in cabin 5266A

Bed type Amount Optional
Queen size 1 No

NOTE: Any beds listed for this cabin may be further configurable or split to allow for seperate sleeping accomodations. Check with Virgin Voyages Sailor Services or your travel agent for specific configuration options for your booking.

About the ‘The Sea View’ cabin category in general

The Sea View cabins are intended for pairs who prefer to enjoy their ocean views in a comfortable, mist-free environment. The cabins feature a window seat, designed in a nautical style, which comfortably accommodates two. This allows couples to share the tranquil beauty of the sea throughout their journey.


  1. Dan says:

    Directly below the Manor so very noisy

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Thanks for the feedback updated to note this cabin is close to noisy venues

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