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Upgrading your Cabin

It is possible to upgrade to a better cabin or even a Rockstar Suite prior to boarding. This guide looks at the upgrade system (including last-minute bidding) plus some caveats you should be aware of.

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There are many different types of cabins available on board Virgin Voyages ships to suit a range of budgets. It is possible to enhance your journey with a cabin upgrade to allow yourself extra space, a balcony or extra amenities. Here’s a guide on how to upgrade your cabin with Virgin Voyages, offering two distinct methods.

Ways to Upgrade Your Cabin

There are two ways to upgrade your cabin with varied pricing depending on your type of voyage.

1. Pay the Difference

If you wish to secure a better cabin without the uncertainty of an auction, you can choose to pay the difference between the current on-sale price and your initial booking.

  1. Check the current on-sale price for your desired cabin.
  2. Pay the additional amount to upgrade keeping existing promotions
  3. Enjoy your new cabin

2. Bid for an Upgrade

Virgin Voyages offers a bidding system against fellow sailors for a chance to secure an upgrade. Not all booking are eligible you can check if you can upgrade currently on the Virgin Voyages website, this system typically opens at approximately 65 days before sail.

Note: Make sure you have pop-up blockers turned off in your browser.

  1. Make an offer to add to your original booking price.
  2. You’ll receive an email with your offer details (including the ability to cancel).
  3. Around 48 hours prior to your cruise monitor both your credit card and email inbox for details
  4. If accepted, you’ll be billed for your Level Upgrade immediately. If not accepted you’ll be told Bia email and your original booking will remain unchanged.

Note: You can make multiple bids which are considered on their own. Bidding is limited upwards, so you can only go for a higher category for example a Seriously Suite up to a Cheeky Corner suite.

Types of Cabins

Every type of cabin is eligible for an upgrade excluding the Massive Suite, this is a great way for those in The Insider or Solo Insider cabins to bid up the system with significantly lower prices than purchasing directly.

An inside cruise ship cabin
Solo Sea View Cabin© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Keep in mind that there is a limited number of cabins in some categories for example a Solo Insider to Solo Sea View would only have 6 available cabins if they’re all on sale. The highest chance of success will be a bid from a lower cabin up to a standard Sea Terrace cabin as these have the most availability.

Cabin Assignment: Once you win a bid, cabin changes are not allowed. If you are happy with your current cabin placement keep this in mind. Check your cabin number for any issues.

Bidding System and Tips

Check Eligibility:

  • Enter your information on the Virgin Voyages website to determine eligibility
  • This option typically opens up a few months ahead of time, you may receive an email but it is worth checking regularly.
  • Note: Make sure you have pop up blockers turned off for this step.

Bidding System:

  • Utilizes a 5-step bidding system from poor to excellent. Prices will vary depending on time of year, length of cruise and business of the cruise.
  • Check available cabin availability to see how popular your sailing is.


  • Offers can be canceled up to 48 hours before sailing.

Accepted/Unaccepted Bids:

  • Successful bids are typically confirmed 48 hours prior to sailing.
  • Accepted bids are automatically charged to the provided payment method, make sure you have funds available.
  • The new cabin room number will be available in the app within a few hours.


The cabin upgrade system can be a great way to get a bargain on a significantly better room, consider what your price is before bidding and it is worth directly comparing the cabins on the website before bidding, it can sometimes be cheaper to upgrade directly than the bidding system. Remember, once you upgrade your cabin, you can’t change it back, and you might end up with a cabin in a less desirable position. Whether you choose to pay the difference or engage in the bidding process, these steps ensure a seamless transition to a more luxurious cruise.

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