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Inside Look: Test Kitchen’s New “Menu C”

Virgin Voyages introduces Menu C at The Test Kitchen during the Eat and Drink Festival, offering innovative dishes by Michelin-starred Chef Matt Lambert. Take a look at the new menu.


The Test Kitchen
The Test KitchenLifestyle Imagery © Photo by Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages are introducing the latest version of their tasting menu at The Test Kitchen as part of the Eat and Drink Festival. Typically, The Test Kitchen rotates between two set menus, take a look below for an overview on the latest menu.

The Test Kitchen’s New Tasting Menu

Known for pushing culinary boundaries, Michelin-starred Chef Matt Lambert is set to awaken your senses with his brand-new 6-course feast at The Test Kitchen, marking a vibrant new chapter for our gastronomy lineup. Mixing innovative cooking with vibrant global influences, this unparalleled dining adventure features delicate textures of scallops and eels, surprising twists on cheese and chicken, and much more. Vegetarians, fear not — a specially crafted exploration of flavors is waiting for you.

— Virgin Voyages

Available During Eat & Drink Festival Only

Menu C will be available during the Eat & Drink Festival on the following ships and dates:

  • Scarlet Lady (Rotating between Menu A, B & C):
    • July 3-10
    • July 18-24
    • July 31-August 3
  • Valiant Lady (Rotating between Menu A & C):
    • July 3-7
    • July 12-16
    • July 21-25
    • July 30-August 1
  • Resilient Lady (Rotating between Menu A, B & C):
    • July 3-10
    • July 18-24
    • July 31-August 3

The menu will enter rotation with the standard Menu A & B options later this year.

The Test Kitchen High Bar Stools
The Test Kitchen© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Food Menu

Non-Vegetarian Dishes • Scallop • Eel • Cheese • Chicken • Watermelon • Yuzu Vegetarian Dishes • Zucchini • Eggplant • Goji Berry • Gnocchi • Pomegranate • Coconut

Download Menu C

Food Pictures

A mix of both the meat and veggie options including the paper-wrapped zucchini dish, the swirly eggplant dish (substituted for eel), the cheese tart with bread (tofu substituted for brie/goat/blue cheese), the chicken based dish and the tofu-based gnocchi.


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This new menu promises a new dining experience particularly for repeat sailors, combining the best of traditional and modern culinary techniques. Be sure to check back soon as we will update our post with images of the dishes once the menu officially launches July 3rd. To find out more about the other menus at Test Kitchen click here.

Thanks to Erin McAdam for the Menu Info

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  1. TrixieRosette says:

    Can someone PLEASE explain the concept of the Peas & Egg Yolk?
    A great, smoky presentation but, does anyone eat it, like it? Why waste so many raw peas & eggs?

    1. Jon says:

      The peas and the egg are delicious, scoop up peas and egg yolk onto bread and eat it. Also the peas are not raw, I think the egg yolk has been cooked in sous vide, but runny egg yolk is normal for fried eggs anyway, it’s not an unusual concept!

  2. JohnB says:

    Having eaten at Alinea, Test Kitchen is nothing close. VV should give up, and change that space to restaurant that truly offers good food and not phoney, foo, foo, BS.

    1. Sparky says:

      I’m happy you experienced Alinea and enjoyed it. But there’s no need to be elitist about it, mate. You are comparing a 3-star Michelin restaurant to a cruise ship restaurant. Granted, the chef at the Test Kitchen is Michelin-starred, but you are dealing with two different dining situations. Accept it, and don’t throw stones.

  3. Brenda says:

    I am on the July 27th sailing and from my understanding, that menu is on there as well.

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