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Around The World With The Diva

Around The World With The Diva on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Around The World With The Diva on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

Around the World in 80 Minutes with The Diva

Virgin Voyages’ “Around the World in 80 Minutes with The Diva” is the most exhilarating drag show at sea. The ship’s resident drag queen navigates the audience through a global adventure with vibrant performances of dance, singing, and lip-syncing within The Manor or Red Room depending on the ship.

The Red Room Version

Exclusively on Valiant Lady this show will be performed with additional dancers in the Red Room as a headline event. This allows for a larger scale version with a similar story and structure to The Manor version.

Kara Kature performs in the Red Room version of Around the World with the Diva
Kara Kature performs in the Red Room version of Around the World with the Diva© Photo by Matt Thaler

The Manor Version

On Resilient Lady & Scarlet Lady The Manor version of the show is structured into two parts. There is a brief intermission that allows guests the opportunity to refresh their drinks. You do not need to book for this event and can simply add it to your agenda. Presented in a cabaret style, guests can sip on a drink while they indulge in the performance, facilitating a lively and relaxed atmosphere. The event is typically scheduled on sea days in the afternoon but occasionally will also have a late night version.

The Performance

The show tells the tale of The Diva and her voyage around the world, with some hijinks, laughs and dance breaks in-between you must help The Diva escape the perils of being marooned on a deserted island.

The Divas are the resident drag queens on each of Virgin Voyages’ ships, are celebrated for their talent and showmanship. Their outstanding dance routines, coupled with their striking costumes, set the stage for an unforgettable show. As the Diva travel ‘around the world’, they incorporate different cultural elements into their performances, engaging the audience with a wide range of musical styles and dance routines.

Guest Participation

The show has a few places where guest participation is encouraged, although no one is ever forced to participate if they don’t want to, so don’t panic!

  • The Diva will come out into the crowd and select 2 members of the audience to be ‘the mother’ of their respective sides of the venue. This is just a bit of fun and doesn’t really affect the rest of the show.
  • During a fun song about travelling the world The Diva will ask some guests to help hold her bunting ‘flags of all nations’ so she can dance beneath it.
  • The Diva will ask 2 audience members to play a game involving chasing beach balls up and down the venue.
  • Finally, The Diva will host a lip-sync contest with two guests who will perform their own fabulously un-rehearsed version of ‘Man I feel Like a Woman’ but Shania Twain.

Anyone who is asked to get up on stage will be offered a free ‘Yass Queen’ cocktail as a prize, which is champagne with grenadine.

a drag queen in a long white dress with large sleeves posing in a glittering hallway
Honey Heart as The Diva aboard the Resilient Lady© Photo by Honey Heart


Whether you’re a longtime fan of drag performances or new to the art form, this show promises an unforgettable experience of fun and entertainment. Go along with an open-mind and get the drinks in to help lift the energy for this fabulous show.

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  1. Becky Hays says:

    Cara’s show was so brilliant, that we’ve been twice! An absolute laugh riot from this highly talented Diva! Pay her more!!!

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