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Opa Hour

A Greek Culinary Experience Embark on a culinary voyage inspired by the vibrant flavors of Greece with Opa Hour. Launched…

Opa Hour on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Opa Hour on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

A Greek Culinary Experience

Embark on a culinary voyage inspired by the vibrant flavors of Greece with Opa Hour. Launched with Resilient Lady in May 2023 this is a new daily tradition across all Virgin Voyages ships. It is hosted at The Dock and The Dock House between 4:30pm & 6:30pm. Unlike your typical Happy Hour, Opa Hour invites guests to immerse themselves in a two-hour affair filled with Greek-inspired delicacies.

Opa Hour Menu

Delight your senses with an array of tantalizing offerings meticulously curated to showcase the best of Greek cuisine. From savory bites to delectable sweets, here’s a glimpse of what awaits you at Opa Hour.

Note: Availability is subject to change. If you notice any changes please let us know via our contact form

Food Options

  • Greek Bites: Indulge in a selection featuring cod souvlaki, lamb skewers, an assortment of dips, and whole wheat pita. Offering a perfect blend of flavors and textures to tantalize your taste buds.
  • Mezze Platter (V): A vibrant Mezze Platter boasting an array of vegetarian delights, including red pepper and feta dip, creamy hummus, toursi, tzatziki, and whole wheat pita.
  • Citrus Braised Fennel Salad (GF, V): Refresh your palate with the Citrus Braised Fennel Salad, featuring zesty citrus-infused fennel, tangy feta, briny kalamata olives, and crunchy almonds.
  • Grilled Cod Souvlaki (GF): Savor the delicate flavors of grilled cod souvlaki, adorned with a luscious yogurt olive oil sauce, zesty lemon, and crisp bell peppers, delivering a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavors.
  • Lamb Sausage Skewer: Treat yourself to the savory goodness of lamb sausage skewers, drizzled with a mint and pistachio pesto, and served alongside wholesome whole wheat pita, promising a satisfying culinary experience reminiscent of the Greek countryside.
  • Greek Sweets (V): Conclude your culinary journey on a sweet note with traditional Greek sweets, including decadent baklava, luscious apricot Turkish delight, and delicate maamoul, offering a perfect finale to your Opa Hour experience.
Grilled Cod Souvlaki during Opa Hour at The Dock House
Grilled Cod Souvlaki during Opa Hour at The Dock House© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Drinks Options

Additionally a special drink is available, the Kleopatra Cocktail is $13 per glass or $54 for a carafe. This refreshing blend features Kleos Mastiha, lemon, and basil, inspired by the modern classic cocktail “The Med” crafted by the legendary mixologist Michael Menegos.

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When is Opa Hour?

Elevate your onboard dining experience and embrace the warmth and hospitality of Greek cuisine at Opa Hour. Find Opa Hour Daily from 4:30–6:30pm at The Dock and The Dock House on Deck 7. Additionally, you can also get all the food usually on offer during this time frame. This event is walk up only with no need to book, just grab a seat!


Explore the rich flavors of Greece with Opa Hour, where you’ll embark on a delightful journey through Mediterranean cuisine.

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  1. Jack Nott says:

    The 4 ships in the VV Fleet are highlighted in the start of the post then a couple of sentences in you say that the OPA Hour is on only 3 Ships 😃👍

    1. VV Insider says:

      It’ll be on Brilliant Lady when she launches but we’re a long way off that !

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