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Path of the Negroni – Master Beverage Class

A unique blend of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin. Path of the Negroni is a tasting experience takes place in Extra Virgin on Deck 6.

Path of the Negroni - Master Beverage Class on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Path of the Negroni - Master Beverage Class on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Allan Francis

The Negroni cocktail stands as a timeless blend of Campari, sweet vermouth, and gin, originating from Italy. This classic libation has enamored bartenders worldwide, inspiring a diverse array of variations that form what is known as the “Negroni Family Tree.” The Path of Negroni – Master Beverage Class gives sailors an insight into the history and taste of this alcoholic drink.

What is The “Path” of the Negroni?

Virgin Voyages invites sailors to embark on an exploration of the Negroni’s legacy through the Path of the Negroni master beverage class. Hosted by the expert food and beverage team aboard the ship. This educational tasting experience takes place in Extra Virgin on Deck 6 and also includes the famous charcuterie plate.

Led by knowledgeable bartenders, the Path of the Negroni class offers more than just a tasting experience. Sailors are provided with insightful commentary on the cocktail’s origins, evolution, and significance in mixology history.

Extra Virgin
Extra Virgin© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Sample Negroni Variations

The class treats participants to a sampling of Negroni variations, offering up to 5 drinks each session. We carefully craft each Negroni to highlight its unique flavors and ingredients. From the traditional Negroni to inventive twists such as the Boulevardier and Oaxacan Negroni, sailors have the opportunity to taste and learn about the diverse interpretations of this iconic cocktail.

Pricing & How to Book

For $50, sailors enjoy the tasting of several samples as well as some mementos. Sailors will take home a custom Virgin Voyages booklet containing Negroni recipes, allowing them to recreate the experience at home. Additionally, each sailor receives a jigger, enabling them to perfect their mixology skills beyond the voyage.

You can book this directly in the app when you step on board, with only a limited number of spaces available be sure to book early as it may only be offered once during your sailing.


The “Path of the Negroni” master beverage class promises sailors a journey through the world of cocktails, blending education with enjoyment in a setting of sophistication of Extra Virgin on board the Virgin Voyages lady ships.

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