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Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Extra Virgin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

Extra Virgin: The Italian Restaurant

Extra Virgin presents guests with an authentic Italian trattoria experience. Offering traditional Italian cuisine in a chic, bustling setting, this restaurant frequently ranks as one of the most popular dining options on the voyage. With its attention to detail and quality, it’s advisable to reserve your table in advance.

Decor and Atmosphere

The overall ambiance and decor of Extra Virgin are decidedly upscale and sophisticated, reminiscent of a classy Italian trattoria. The comfortable setting is complemented by warm and welcoming tones, creating a charming and delightful dining environment.

Key Features

  • A stylish and upmarket ambiance
  • A bustling setting reminiscent of an Italian trattoria
  • Warm, inviting tones that contribute to a delightful dining environment

Extra Virgin Menu

At Extra Virgin, the culinary offerings highlight the rich flavours of traditional Italian cuisine. From an array of classic antipasti to hearty main courses, each dish is a celebration of Italian gastronomy.

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The antipasti selections include favourites such as beef carpaccio and perfectly fried artichokes. Another highlight is the at-table charcuterie board, featuring an assortment of cured meats and cheeses, with the gorgonzola cheese standing out for its superior quality.


Extra Virgin is renowned for its fresh, handmade pasta, crafted onboard the ship. Cooked to al dente perfection, their pasta dishes capture the heart and soul of Italian cuisine. The pasta alle vongole, with its savory white wine clam sauce, has been singled out for its excellence by numerous guests.


The main course options, including dishes like the robust pork cheek and the subtly flavored sea bass, offer a satisfying culinary adventure.


Although the desserts at Extra Virgin are mostly enjoyable, some guests have noted that the chocolate olive oil cake could be slightly more moist.

Wine Bar

Completing the dining experience at Extra Virgin is their fully-stocked wine bar. Showcasing a wide array of Italian wines and other selections, the bar is an ideal spot for pre-dinner drinks or a relaxed post-dinner conversation.


  • Extensive menu featuring a wide array of Italian wines
  • No reservations needed for the wine bar
  • Perfect for both pre-dinner and post-dinner drinks

Our Thoughts

With its focus on authenticity, quality, and a wide variety of culinary offerings, Extra Virgin adds a delightful touch of Italian charm to the Virgin Voyages® dining experience. Whether it’s the handmade pasta, the curated selection of antipasti, or the well-stocked wine bar, every element contributes to a memorable and enjoyable Italian dining experience at sea.

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