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Aquatic Club

Aquatic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Aquatic Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

The surrounding area around the main pool is designed to give sailors the perfect balance of relaxation and entertainment, this area radiates a club-like atmosphere or chilled vibes depending on the time of day.


Pool-side Sun Lounger Beds

Relax and soak up the sun on one of the 19 comfortable pool-side sun lounger beds. These are perfect for groups of up to four people, offering an ideal setup for a day by the pool or a front-row seat to the vibrant poolside events.

Movable Sun Loungers with Champagne Tables

Want to be at the heart of the action but with the luxury of your personal space? Dozens of movable sun loungers, each complete with a ‘champagne table,’are available. Grab your favorite cocktail and find your perfect spot under the sun.

Aquatic Club Bar Service

Enjoy personalized service from the dedicated drinks attendants, ready to bring your favourite beverages right from the Aquatic Club Bar to your lounger.

The Famous Sea-view Bathrooms

Two sea-view bathrooms offer refreshing moments with a touch of spectacle. Enjoy the breathtaking open ocean view or the sight of the port when we’re docked – talk about a room with a view! The bathroom on the port side offers wheelchair access and assistive features such as grab bars. The one on the starboard side? It has both a toilet and a urinal – one quirky ship feature we haven’t fully understood yet!

Sofa-style Seating Areas

Along the sides of the Aquatic Club, there are sofa-style seating areas. These are perfect for a relaxing break in the shade.

Music and DJ Sets

Groove to the rhythm of the resident DJ. While the music might be too loud for some, it definitely sets the tone for a day full of fun and excitement. DJ sets typically take place from 3pm to 5pm. For the most accurate information, check the Virgin Voyages app during your voyage.

Pool-side Events

Dive into a whirl of activities and events:

  • Sail Away: A perfect kickoff for your vacation, where the ‘Happenings Cast’ are introduced by ‘The Hostess’, followed by a free champagne toast and a vibrant DJ set.
  • Scarlet Night Pool Party: In good weather, don’t miss the Scarlet Night pool party. Expect live singing, dancing, acrobatics, and the unmatched energy the ‘Happenings Cast’. A big highlight for many, this event can turn into a festive pool plunge (when invited to do so by staff only, don’t peak too soon and ruin the party for others!) – a Scarlet Night tradition cherished by many return sailors.

To fully enjoy these events, we recommend getting to the pool early. The area and bar can get quite busy, and early arrival ensures the best spots!

Your aquatic adventure begins here at the Aquatic Club, where each day brings new experiences and memories.

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