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Mix It Up

A bartending street-fight; Two mixologists go head-to-head to mix up the best cocktail. Judged by the crowd and emceed with campy and fun 90s R’n’B antics by The Happenings Cast.

Mix It Up on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Mix It Up on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by VV Insider

About Mix It Up: A Bartending Duel With a 90s Kick

Mix It Up is an entertaining bartending duel event hosted on Virgin Voyages. In this event, two skilled mixologists go head-to-head, competing to create the best cocktail while the crowd decides the winner. This exciting showdown is livened up with engaging, 90s R’n’B-themed antics from The Happenings Cast.

Event Location

Mix It Up primarily takes place at the Athletic Club Bar. However, in cases of unfavorable weather, it might be relocated indoors to ensure the comfort of the attendees.


While it’s possible to watch the event without a ticket, only ticketed attendees with wristbands will be served drinks. This ensures that those participating in the judging of the cocktails have invested in the event.

Hosts and Atmosphere

The Happenings Cast, donned in 90s-inspired streetwear, host this lively and campy duel among two bartending staff members. Their energy, humor, and engaging antics provide a fun-filled atmosphere. The dueling bartenders partake in the festivities with witty remarks and amusing double entendres, adding to the overall entertaining experience.

Drinks and Entertainment

The bartending duel comprises of three rounds, with two cocktails served in each round. The six cocktails are varied in taste and presentation, catering to a wide range of preferences. The cocktail creation is set to classic 90s R’n’B tunes, further enhancing the vibrant ambiance.

Value for Money

Despite being miniatures, the cocktails served are strong, making Mix It Up a great value for the number of drinks served. However, given the potency of the cocktails, attendees are encouraged to arrive sober, ready to partake in the drinks. This activity costs $45 to participate in.


Mix It Up is a dynamic and engaging event that combines mixology, entertainment, and social interaction. It offers a unique and memorable experience to Virgin Voyages’ passengers, who get to enjoy a variety of cocktails while participating in a lively bartending duel.

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  1. Michelle Pole says:

    Can I ask are there any cook with the chef or learn how to make cocktails? Any foodie things on the ship

    1. There are some foodie events such as making sushi, taking pictures of food, making cocktails, nothing specifically with a chef

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