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Draught Haus

Draught Haus on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Draught Haus on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages


Nestled within The Roundabout area, The Draught House is a small and inviting bar on board Virgin Voyages cruise ships. Here, guests can unwind and indulge in a selection of beer, wine, simple mixer drinks, and canned cocktails. To provide an all-encompassing perspective, we present a third-party review to offer insights into the bar’s atmosphere, drink offerings, and potential visitor traffic.

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A Must-Try for Beer Aficionados

The Draught House, with its industrial-styled charm, beckons beer enthusiasts and shot-loving groups alike. Although discreetly tucked away in a corner of the ship’s atrium, it stands ready to serve patrons seeking refreshing drinks. On nights like Scarlet Night, this hideaway comes to life, attracting the lively crowd looking for a place to enjoy beer and shots.

Drink Selection and Pricing

The bar’s diverse drink menu offers something for everyone, with beer options available on tap, in cans, or in bottles, ranging from $5 to $15. For those favoring spirits, shots and shot-tails can be enjoyed at prices between $5 to $8, while boiler makers offer a more premium experience, priced from $9 to $15.

Timing Considerations

Potential visitors to The Draught House should be mindful of its operating hours. As described in popular online reviews, 6 p.m. might be a tad early for shots, and late-night seekers should note that the bar closes early. However, this might also be attributed to the potential lack of visitor traffic during certain hours.

Virgin’s Custom Beer: Stray the Course

A unique highlight of The Draught House is Virgin Voyages’ custom beer, Stray the Course, thoughtfully crafted by the Wynwood Brewing Company. For beer enthusiasts, this exclusive brew is a must-try, as it can only be purchased on board Virgin Voyages’ ships.

Our Thoughts

The Draught House on Virgin Voyages cruise ships is a decent choice for those seeking an intimate and relaxed atmosphere to enjoy an array of beer and spirits. With its industrial-style allure and a unique custom beer offering, it presents a charming setting for a cozy gathering with friends or fellow passengers. While the timing of visits and potential visitor traffic may vary, this bar is sure to delight beer enthusiasts looking for a distinctive brew and a quiet spot to enjoy their libations aboard the ship. Whether you’re exploring the ship’s attractions or simply unwinding after an eventful day at sea, The Draught House offers a welcoming retreat to indulge in your favorite drinks.

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