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Grounds Club

Grounds Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Grounds Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Grounds Club: Coffee Shop at Sea

Grounds Club, the primary coffee shop onboard Virgin Voyages®, serves up a delightful assortment of specialty hot and iced coffee-shop drinks. With the option to spike your brew with a splash of alcohol, Grounds Club ensures a bespoke coffee experience. To complement your beverage, the venue also features an array of freshly-baked goodies, making it an ideal spot for a quick grab-and-go breakfast on port days.

Specialty Coffee and Bakery Snacks

Despite being bustling, particularly in the mornings, Grounds Club never compromises on the quality of its offerings. The venue’s single coffee machine produces a range of specialty coffees to cater to all tastes. Pair your favorite brew with a selection from the excellent bakery assortment, and you have the perfect quick breakfast solution.

Seating Options

Grounds Club offers various seating options to accommodate different needs. For those needing to catch up on some work or take a quick call while at sea, the venue provides bar-style seating ideal for hot-desking. On the other hand, if you’re simply looking to enjoy your coffee and snack, Grounds Club also features lounge-style seating in a main corridor. However, given its location, this is not the spot for those seeking a quiet and relaxing environment.

Convenient Breakfast Spot

Apart from being a coffee connoisseur’s delight, Grounds Club is also a practical solution for breakfast, especially if you’re looking to avoid the main restaurants or The Galley food court. Its position as a grab-and-go breakfast hub adds a layer of convenience to your port day mornings, ensuring a smooth start to your onshore adventures.

Our Thoughts

Grounds Club is a versatile coffee shop offering both specialty drinks and bakery snacks. Its seating arrangements accommodate both work and casual needs, and its quick breakfast offerings provide convenience for sailors eager to start their port day. While service may be a bit slow during peak hours, the quality and taste of the beverages and snacks ensure the wait is well worth it.

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