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Pink Agave

Pink Agave on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Pink Agave on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Introduction to ‘Pink Agave’

‘Pink Agave’ is a vibrant, Mexican-inspired restaurant aboard Virgin Voyages®. This unique dining destination shuns typical Tex-Mex offerings in favor of authentic Mexican cuisine that echoes the lively street food scene of Mexico City. ‘Pink Agave’ distinguishes itself through an array of small bites and substantial dishes, from roasted corn and guacamole to enchiladas verde and ribeye steak. The Mexican authenticity and tantalizing flavors make ‘Pink Agave’ a favorite among the dining options on Virgin Voyages.

Pink Agave Menu

The menu at ‘Pink Agave’ captures the rich culinary tradition of Mexico. Offering a diverse selection, the menu includes:

  1. Small Plates: Roasted corn, guacamole
  2. Medium Plates: Chicken enchiladas, potatoes with chorizo
  3. Large Plates: Roasted duck, ribeye steak.

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Late Night Drinks Menu

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Dining Experience

‘Pink Agave’ aims to replicate the dynamism of Mexico City’s red-hot culture, promising an immersive odyssey of local cuisine. A visit to ‘Pink Agave’ includes:

  • Intimate and Elevated Dining: The restaurant’s interior, designed by Tom Dixon, sets the scene for a unique, intimate, and educational dining experience.
  • Exceptional Service: Patrons laud the swift service and well-prepared drinks. However, there may be minor inconsistencies in serving temperature due to pre-preparation of dishes.
  • Educational Pairings: The restaurant offers mezcal dinner pairings, complete with enlightening historical background.
  • Specialty Bar: Located on Deck 5, the bar offers a selection of specialty tequila and mezcal-based cocktails.

Aesthetics and Ambience

‘Pink Agave’ stands out for its captivating aesthetic and energetic ambience:

  • Unique Entrance: The entrance features a stunningly lit tunnel, a popular spot for an Instagram selfie.
  • Social and Shareable: The experience at ‘Pink Agave’ encourages social dining with shareable dishes, ideal for group dining.
  • Energetic Atmosphere: With DJ beats to amplify the energy, it’s not uncommon for guests to dance on tables by the end of the night.

‘Pink Agave: After Dark’ – A Musical Fiesta

‘Pink Agave: After Dark’ is a signature event at the ‘Pink Agave’ that encapsulates the spirit of a vibrant Mexican fiesta. Held periodically, these evenings are particularly known for their lively music, exuberant dancing, and complimentary shots of traditional Mexican spirits.

Loud and Lively Music

Music plays a central role in ‘Pink Agave: After Dark’ nights. The resident DJ spins an eclectic mix of Latin beats, turning the restaurant into a lively hub of rhythmic sounds. The vibrant music, ranging from traditional mariachi tunes to modern Latin pop hits, encapsulates the diverse musical tapestry of Mexico, creating an atmosphere filled with energy and excitement.

Latin-Inspired Dancing

The high-energy music is accompanied by spontaneous Latin-inspired dancing. The restaurant’s staff often join in, adding an extra layer of authenticity and enthusiasm to the dancing festivities. Patrons are also encouraged to participate, making the event a communal celebration that brings everyone closer to the rich dance culture of Mexico. From the Salsa to the Cha-Cha, the dances showcased during these nights exemplify the rhythmic grace and passion intrinsic to Latin dance forms.

Complimentary Tequila and Mezcal Shots

In addition to music and dancing, guests are treated to a complimentary shot of tequila or mezcal. These traditional Mexican spirits are renowned for their bold flavors and are a staple of Mexican celebrations. The inclusion of these shots not only adds a touch of Mexican tradition to the evening but also serves as an ice breaker, elevating the jovial atmosphere of ‘Pink Agave: After Dark.’


‘Pink Agave’ on Virgin Voyages® provides an exceptional Mexican dining experience that seamlessly fuses culinary authenticity, vibrant energy, and sophisticated aesthetics. This dining venue embodies the heart of Mexico’s rich culture, promising an unforgettable gastronomic journey on the high seas.

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