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Sip Lounge

Sip Lounge on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Sip Lounge on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Sip Lounge Overview

The Sip Lounge stands out as a sophisticated Champagne and mixology bar aboard the ship, attracting even those who aren’t usually fans of bubbly. Guests are welcomed into an elegant ambiance, enhanced by gauzy white curtains and plush curved seating centered around giant porthole windows. The pièce de résistance is a bedazzled giant bottle of bubbly, adding a touch of opulence to the surroundings. This venue exudes an exclusive aura, making it a favorite among passengers seeking a place to see and be seen in the evenings.
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Afternoon Tea Bar Menu

Afternoon Tea Delights: A Sea Day Pleasure

Sip Lounge earns extra points for serving a delightful afternoon tea on sea days. Passengers can relish a leisurely tea time, accompanied by scones and finger sandwiches, along with the option to add a dash of Champagne for those feeling regal. It’s an exquisite experience, allowing guests to indulge like true lords and ladies amidst the sea-bound luxury. Find out more about Afternoon Tea.

Drink Selection and Pricing: A Range of Tantalizing Options

The bar offers an extensive drink menu, with Champagne by the glass ranging from $21 to $65, wines from $8 to $29, and signature cocktails priced between $13 to $14. Whether one prefers the effervescence of Champagne or the allure of bourbon, Sip Lounge caters to diverse tastes, ensuring every guest finds a libation to their liking.

The Sip Experience: An Unmissable Evening Destination

Regardless of beverage preferences, Sip Lounge remains an evening hotspot not to be missed. Ideal for gathering with friends or fellow passengers between dinner and the show, this elegant venue allows guests to admire everyone’s evening attire while sipping on their chosen drinks. The excitement amplifies on Scarlet Night when spontaneous performances may captivate guests, and lucky ones might receive coveted invitations to exclusive events.

Top Tip: Espresso Martinis and the Night Ahead

Among the standout cocktails at Sip Lounge, espresso martinis reign supreme, enticing guests with their rich flavor and energizing kick. These popular concoctions keep the party spirit alive, ensuring everyone is ready for late-night revelries ahead.


Function and Foot Traffic

While Sip Lounge radiates luxury, its serene atmosphere is occasionally disrupted by its position as one of the main corridors for passengers heading to the upper deck doors of The Red Room venue. This may lead to increased foot traffic and potential distractions, somewhat detracting from the otherwise elegant experience.

Seating Considerations

While the plush curved seating around the porthole windows adds to the lounge’s opulence, some passengers have found this seating option to be uncomfortable. It’s worth considering alternative seating arrangements to ensure all guests enjoy the utmost comfort while savoring their drinks.

Richard’s Rainy Day Champagne Happy Hour

During inclement weather, Richard’s Rooftop Champagne Happy Hour occasionally relocates to Sip Lounge. Although non-Rockstar sailors can use the lounge at this time, it’s important to note that only Rockstar sailors with black bands are served free Möet during this time, which could lead to different experiences for guests depending on their accommodations.


In conclusion, Sip Lounge on Virgin Voyages cruise ships offers a luxurious escape for champagne aficionados and mixology enthusiasts alike. With an elegant ambiance, a delectable drink selection, and the allure of afternoon tea, this bar entices guests to unwind and indulge. While considerations should be given to seating arrangements and potential disruptions from foot traffic, the overall experience at Sip Lounge is one of sophistication and pleasure, adding an extra touch of glamour to the high-seas journey.

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