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Richard’s Champagne/Sunset Happy Hour for Rockstars

Every day, Virgin Voyages hosts a Sunset Happy Hour, offering a unique opportunity for Rockstars and Mega Rockstars to connect with their fellow cruisers and Rockstar agents whilst enjoying a range of drinks.

Richard's Champagne/Sunset Happy Hour for Rockstars on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Richard's Champagne/Sunset Happy Hour for Rockstars on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

The iconic Virgin Voyages ‘Rockstar’ Sunset Hour (Formerly known as the Champagne Hour) – Every day, from 5 to 6 PM, Virgin Voyages hosts a delightful Happy Hour, offering a unique opportunity for Rockstars and Mega Rockstars to connect with their fellow cruisers and Rockstar agents.

Time & Setting

Hosted on the exclusive Richard’s Rooftop lounge and Richard’s Rooftop Bar between 5 and 6 PM, this event promises a glamorous setting with panoramic views. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, the gathering gracefully moves to the equally stylish Sip Lounge. Rockstars stay informed about venue changes promptly through their Rockstar agent chat within the Virgin Voyages app.

Champagne Flutes filled with champagne with a bottle pouring
Champagne Flutes© Photo by Alexander Naglestad

Value Savings for Rockstars

A standout feature of this hour is the substantial value it provides to Rockstars. Enjoying a glass of Moët onboard, which typically costs $21, is now included during the Sunset Hour. You can also enjoy a wide range of other drinks that can be worth up to $18.

Starting the Night Right

The Virgin Voyages ‘Rockstar’ Sunset Hour isn’t just about cost savings; it’s a fantastic way to kick off your evening in style. With a continuous flow of alcohol (let staff know for any additional needs) until 6 PM, this daily event sets the tone for an unforgettable night at sea. Attending each day is a great way to kick off your night before dinner.


As of February 3rd 2024 the options available on the Sunset Happy Hour have significantly expanded to include additional options including Canned Beers, Cocktails, Champagne and Spirits.


  • Absolut Vodka
  • Titos Vodka
  • Beefeater Gin
  • Hendricks Gin
  • Bacardi Superior Rum
  • Zacapa 23 Rum
  • Olmeca Altos Plata Tequila
  • Rosaluna Mezcal
  • Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • Jack Daniels Whiskey
  • Johnnie Walker Black Label Scotch

Champagne & Wines

  • Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut – Champagne, NV
  • Miraval Côtes de Provence – France
  • Mont Rochelle Sauvignon Blanc – South Africa
  • Tahuan Malbec – Argentina


  • Watermelon Granizado – Papa’s Pilar Rum, Aperol, Limoncello, Mint, Hibiscus Water, Watermelon
  • Rosé, Rose Sangria – Rosé Wine, St-Germain Elderflower, Gran Duque D’Alba Brandy, Passion Fruit, Lemon, Rose Water
  • Richard’s Ginger-Beer – Absolut Vodka, Lime, Dill, Cucumber, Ginger Beer

Canned Beer & Cider

  • Heineken Silver Lager
  • Heineken 0.0 Non-Alcoholic Lager
  • Corona Extra Lager
  • Wynwood Brewing Co. Virgin Craft Beer EPA
  • Strongbow Apple Cider

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So, make it a point to join your fellow Rockstars for a daily dose of Happy Hour fun. It’s not just a sunset hour; it’s an experience that adds a touch of luxury to your Virgin Voyages adventure.

If you have booked a Rockstar suite with Virgin Voyages, make sure to make the most of your benefits by attending the Sunset Happy Hour (Formerly known as the Champagne Hour) each day of your voyage.

Sip Lounge Champagne Bar on Virgin Voyages®© Photo by Virgin Voyages®

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  1. Claire says:

    Hi, Have I made an error here?
    Sunset hour is 5-6pm, but if I’ve booked dinner reservations at 6pm, should I ask sailor services to move them by 15 or 30min to enjoy the full Sunset hour, or can we turn up a little late to the restaurants? I don’t know the walk from RR to the various restaurants, OR could I ask a Rockstar agent to escort/guide us.
    What are the suggestions? Sail in 30 days.

    1. Rob Sammons says:

      Hey Claire, they allow a 15 minute window after your reservation to show up before they cancel so essentially you have till 6:15pm. But also as you are Rockstar just ask your agent to move them a little back for you if you need more time and they’ll sort it all out 🙂

      1. Claire says:

        Thank you thats a reassuring answer. Hooray x

  2. Cheryl Jasper says:

    This sounds great, but can I just clarify that from 5-6 EVERY evening the drinks are ‘free’ for Rockstars at Richards rooftop bar?

    1. VV Insider says:

      Hi Cheryl correct every single evening of your cruise !

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