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Stubble + Groom

Stubble + Groom on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Stubble + Groom on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®

Stubble + Groom: The Ultimate Men’s Salon Experience at Sea

Complementing the offering for women’s salon treatments at Dry Dock. Taking men’s grooming to the next level, Virgin Voyages presents Stubble + Groom – a sophisticated barber shop at sea. This compact yet well appointed venue offers a range of premium treatments like haircuts, beard trims, and invigorating head massages.

The Finest Grooming Services at Sea

Stubble + Groom sets itself apart from typical barber shops. Our approach transforms grooming into an art form. Whether you seek a sharp haircut or a precisely shaped beard, Stubble & Groom’s skilled barbers are here to assist you. Employing only premium products, we guarantee that each client departs feeling and looking their finest.

Enhance your visit with one of our exclusive packages, complete with a complimentary drink. Relax as you indulge in a glass of whiskey or beer while experiencing our first-rate grooming services.

Stubble + Groom Treatment Examples & Pricing

Note: Pricing and availability is subject to change. If you notice any changes please let us know via our contact form

The Emancipation Shave & Cut | 75 Min. $149 | A deep-cleansing shave that exfoliates and hydrates your skin in under an hour, followed by a clean cut — and the option to order a cold beer, without even leaving the chair.

The Liberation Shave | 45 Min. $129 | Our signature shave will give you a face as smooth and glassy as the ship’s wake — and it comes complete with a glass of whiskey.

The Soothing Express Shave | 30 Min. $89 | An express shave that relaxes, buffs and smooths your skin.

The Rescue Pedicure | 45 Min. Pedi $69 | A pedicure that restores nails and feet through soaking, cuticle-sprucing and buffing.

Men’s Hair Cut | 30 min $59 | A standard men’s cut, style and wash using the latest products to keep your hair looking good.

A Stylish Sanctuary on Deck 6

Nestled on Deck 6, Stubble + Groom offers a serene haven for today’s man. With its modern decor and inviting ambiance, it’s an ideal spot to indulge in some self-care along your voyage. Following Virgin Voyages’ ethos, the salon provides a tranquil escape from the ship’s hustle, allowing you to prioritize your well-being.

Making a Booking

You can go direct to the salon to make a booking or you can visit Redemption Spa on Deck 5 who can get you scheduled in. Popular spots go early so be sure to book as soon as you board.

Wellness Beyond Stubble + Groom

As part of the overall wellness venues Virgin Voyages also offers other services. Whether you’re looking for a new hair color at Dry Dock, a massage at Redemption Spa or a mani-pedi at The Tune Up there’s a number of options.


Stubble + Groom reflects Virgin Voyages’ dedication to delivering excellent services to all its guests. From the standard haircut to the overall atmosphere, every aspect is carefully crafted to ensure a premium grooming experience for men. Whether you’re gearing up for a night out onboard or simply seeking some relaxation and rejuvenation, this modern salon is here to cater to your needs.

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