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Sun Club

Sun Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Sun Club on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages®


Perched above Virgin Voyages’ main pool and the ‘Well-being Pool‘ whirlpool, is the Sun Club. Offering a broad sunbathing area for those guests seeking to bask in the open-air tranquility of the sea. This expansive deck combines comfort, aesthetics, and relaxation, providing an optimal vantage point for scenic views on the journey.

Sun Club Loungers and Deck Chairs

A distinguishing feature is its plentiful sun loungers. Guests can recline under the open sky, soaking up the sunshine during the day. However, keep in mind these are cleared away in the early evening, as the voyage moves towards dining and nightlife.

In addition to these loungers, the Sun Club is also home to an array of unique ‘Deck-chairs’. These red metallic sofa ‘pods’ offer a cozy retreat, equipped with soft furnishings to ensure maximum comfort. The pods are shaded, making them perfect spots for those seeking a cool, quiet break from the sun’s heat.

Sun Club Food & Drink Options

Two large spiral staircases, adorned with whimsical sculptures that are unique to each ship, connect the Sun Club with the pool deck below. The artistic touch of these staircases adds a sense of playfulness to the elegance.

The Sun Club is served by a two main venues:

  • Sub Club Cafe – A Hawaiian-Asian fusion quick-service food place serving poke bowls and boa buns
  • Sun Club Bar – A quiet bar that is open on busy and sunny days offering basic beverages to sun worshippers. Our advice though – go down to the Aquatic Club Bar if you’re in the mood for anything more creative or fancy!
Bowls of guac, popcorn and boa buns from Sun club cafe
Food Options from the Cafe© Photo by VV Insider

Scenic Views

Perhaps one of the greatest draws of the Sun Club is its position on the ship. Overlooking both the starboard and port sides, the sunbathing area offers unfettered, sweeping views of the surrounding ocean. Whether you’re departing a port or cruising by stunning landscapes, it offers an unobstructed panorama that truly amplifies the cruise experience.


In essence, the Sun Club offers guests a tranquil escape with ample amenities for relaxation and sightseeing. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind its patterns, particularly the clearing of loungers in the evening. With its comfortable furnishings and panoramic views, the Sun Club is an attractive spot to unwind and absorb the beauty of the journey from a unique perspective aboard Virgin Voyages’ ships.

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