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Sun Club Bar

Sun Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
Sun Club Bar on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

Occupying a corner of Deck 16 as a part of the Sun Club is the Sun Club Bar, a quiet, and at times, underutilized spot aboard the Virgin Voyages ships. This bar, despite its overlooked status, has an excellent vantage point over the ‘Well-being Pool’ whirlpool area and serves the guests lounging in the sun-bathing area.

Secluded Location

The Sun Club Bar isn’t the most bustling hub of activity on the ship. Its secluded location caters mainly to sun-seekers reclining on the sun loungers or enjoying the privacy of the Cabanas on Deck 16’s ‘Sun Club’. The view of the ‘Well-being Pool‘ from the bar may be enticing, but opting for this tranquil setting means missing out on the vibrant social interactions found at the ship’s busier bars.

A man overlooking a pool at sun club bar
The Sun Club Bar offers great views of the pools© Photo by Virgin Voyages

Limited Operating Hours

Perhaps due to its lower foot traffic, the Sun Club Bar is not always open. Often it is only open during the sunbathing peak times on sea days which could disappoint guests seeking a spontaneous drink.

Drink Offerings

This secluded bar isn’t just about the atmosphere; it’s also your go-to for frozen drinks, tropical cocktails, beer, and wine with many of the ships offerings available.


The Sun Club Bar serves its purpose for ‘Sun Club’ guests during peak sunbathing times, despite not being lively or consistent.. If you find yourself on Deck 16 and see that it’s open, it could be worth stopping by for a quiet, refreshing drink to enhance your sun-worshipping experience. Just be prepared for a more subdued experience compared to the ship’s other bars.

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