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Virgin Voyages Teases Brilliant Lady’s Itineraries – New York, Los Angeles, Seattle

Virgin Voyages website now features a teaser video claiming 'Something Brilliant is Coming - 1 May' featuring NYC, LA and Seattle


Screenshots from the video show landmarks from New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle
Screenshots from the video show landmarks from New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle © Photo by VV Insider

Virgin Voyages Teaser Video

Virgin Voyages are preparing to announce the launch and itinerary details of their latest cruise ship, Brilliant Lady.

The Virgin Voyages website now features a teaser video claiming ‘Something Brilliant is Coming – 1 May’ with highlights featuring:

  • The Statue of Liberty – New York
  • The Hollywood Sign – Los Angeles
  • The Space Needle – Seattle

These teased landmarks further confirms VV Insider’s previous reports regarding Brilliant Lady’s ability pass through the Panama Canal with her slightly modified lifeboat arrangement. This change will allow Brilliant Lady to serve routes on the West coast of the USA and beyond.

Lifeboat Changes – Valiant Lady (left) Brilliant Lady (right)

Possible Future Destinations

With the Panama Canal serving as a gateway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, Virgin Voyages could explore an array of new itineraries:

  • West Coast USA: Embarking from ports like Los Angeles and San Francisco, passengers could enjoy journeys up to the scenic views of Alaska or down the Mexican Riviera.
  • Pacific Northwest and Canada: Setting sail from Seattle, itineraries could include stops in Vancouver, Victoria, and perhaps even farther north into the breathtaking fjords of Alaska.
  • Tropical Escapes to Hawaii: From the West Coast, Brilliant Lady could navigate directly to the Hawaiian Islands, with stops at multiple islands, including Maui, Oahu, and Kauai.
  • Extended Voyages: The ability to cross the Panama Canal also opens up extended itineraries that could connect East Coast departures from cities like New York or Miami with the shores of the West Coast and beyond.

Rumoured Australian Routes

After Virgin Voyages announced their decision to cancel Resilient Lady’s Australian sailings for 2024/2025 there has been speculation that Brilliant Lady could be the ship to bring Virgin Voyages back to Australia and New Zealand.

With Brilliant Lady’s ability to pass through the Panama Canal, transpacific crossings from West Coast USA to Australia and New Zealand will be possible.

Resilient Lady Docked in Sydney Harbour
Resilient Lady Docked in Sydney Harbour© Photo by VV Insider
A mermaid being pained on the side of a cruise ship with 'Brilliant Lady' written underneath
A close-up of Virgin Voyages’ latest mermaid icon for Brilliant Lady

Official Announcement Due 1 May

The teaser video on Virgin Voyages’ website claims more information is going to be revealed on 1 May at 12:00PM EDT (5pm in the UK and 2:00AM on 2 May in Sydney).

Stay connected to VV Insider for a deeper dive into the announcement and all the latest information.

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  1. Tracie Johnstone says:

    Can’t wait to get on the Brilliant Lady! Thank you for adding New York, Panama Canal, and West Coast!

  2. Sue says:

    I certainly hope that she VV brings one of her ships back to Australia and New Zealand. I promise I will be the first in line for bookings.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t notice anything in the teaser that indicated an early VV return to Aus. I still have my fingers crossed.

  3. Bill Gerew says:

    I agree with Nichol, we are also devout VV cruisers and we want to move to the PNW. Having The Brilliant Lady there would be a huge plus!

  4. Tina Pupello says:

    Great news for all us Aussie fans!

  5. Nicole Roper says:

    This is so exciting, we moved to the Pacific Northwest this past year which makes the trip to Miami to catch a cruise even harder. We have become devout VV cruisers so having Brilliant Lady on the West Coast could not be more perfect.

  6. Meghan says:

    I will be eagerly awaiting this announcement! West Coast or New York departures are far more interesting to me than Miami. And since I’ve visited Spain twice in the last two years, I’m leaning away from itineraries that include it for at least my next few vacations. 🙂

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