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Rockstar Quarters

user Up to 2 sailors

About Rockstar Quarters cabins

The RockStar Quarters are designed for those who enjoy indulgence and unbounded exploration. These suites, crafted by renowned designer Tom Dixon, feature full-size, fully-stocked bars that encourage guests to savor a seaside drink from the comfort of their suite or while stargazing at the champagne table. The freedom of the entire ship is at your fingertips.

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Brilliant Suite cabin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Brilliant Suite

The Brilliant Suite is a haven for those with a penchant for glamour and indulgence. The suite features Hollywood-style lighting and a glamorous brass vanity area that radiate luxury. A full-size, fully-stocked bar with mixology equipment invites guests to experiment with their cocktail-making skills. One of the suite's unique features is its fully marbled Peek-a-Boo shower that offers a playful view of the European king bed. However, the unyielding competition for sensuality lies with the captivating ocean view.

Facts about Brilliant Suites

  • ship There are 18 Brilliant Suites on board
  • user They generally sleep 4 sailors
Cheeky Corner Suite cabin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Cheeky Corner Suite

Located at the corner of the ship, the Cheeky Corner Suite offers panoramic views accentuated by the suite's design elements. Custom interior wicker chairs and hand-woven terrace hammocks are thoughtfully positioned to maximize sea views from any angle. The suite's design and location create an intimate connection with the sea, offering an immersive cruising experience.

Facts about Cheeky Corner Suites

  • ship There are 14 Cheeky Corner Suites on board
  • user They generally sleep 2 sailors
Seriously Suite cabin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Seriously Suite

The Seriously Suite is designed for guests who appreciate luxury in every detail. The suite features a fully-stocked, full-size bar and a Peek-a-Boo shower, adding a fun element to the luxurious design. A record player is ready for guests to spin their favorite tunes, infusing the suite with a personalized soundtrack that enhances the overall ambiance.

Facts about Seriously Suites

  • ship There are 24 Seriously Suites on board
  • user They generally sleep 2 sailors
Sweet Aft Suite cabin on Virgin Voyages cruise ships

Sweet Aft Suite

The Sweet Aft Suite offers uninterrupted views from the rear of the ship. Regardless of whether guests choose to relax at the terrace champagne table or admire the waves through the indoor Peek-a-Boo shower window, the suite promises an excellent view at all times. With a design that emphasizes connectivity with the sea, there's no such thing as a bad view in this suite.

Facts about Sweet Aft Suites

  • ship There are 7 Sweet Aft Suites on board
  • user They generally sleep 2 sailors