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Rockstar Suites

Rockstar status certainly delivers on its celebrity-inspired name, from the concierge services offered by your ‘Rockstar Agent’ to premium accommodations it’s certainly a step up from booking a normal ‘red band’ cabin but is it worth it?

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When considering your Virgin Voyages experience, one of the big questions potential Sailors might have is: Is upgrading to a Rockstar Suite worth it? Virgin Voyages has two levels of suites, the Rockstar experience and the Mega Rockstar Experience.

The Rockstar Suite Experience

Virgin Voyages is all about style and luxury, and the Rockstar Suite undoubtedly embodies this ethos. But it’s essential to understand precisely what elevates this experience above the standard offering.

  1. Designer Suites:
    The suite’s design isn’t your run-of-the-mill cabin layout. It’s envisioned by the globally recognized designer, Tom Dixon of the Design Research Studio. So, expect a blend of functionality, luxury, and an aesthetic appeal that’s truly top-notch.
  2. Personalized Service Pre-Voyage and On Your Voyage:
    Pre-voyage you get access to “Red Glove Services” this is an exclusive email and phone service that can sort all of your dining reservations and any questions with your booking. On the voyage you gain access to a “Rockstar Agent” via the Virgin Voyages app or via your in room phone who can sort out any of your needs.
  3. In-Room Mini Bar:
    Each Rockstar room includes its own mini bar with complimentary bottles and beverages. This is filled up at the start of your voyage and can be changed out once.
  4. Early Booking:
    Early bird privileges extend to booking excursions at 135 days and dining reservations at 60 days, this is 15 days ahead of other sailors making sure you get some of the most exclusive reservations.
  5. VIP Boarding:
    Rockstars board before any other sailors, this allows you to get on board as soon as possible. This not only allows more vacation time but also to get those coveted reservations such as Bungee classes. Keep in mind that early boarding is also possible for non rockstars.
  6. Access to Richard’s Rooftop:
    From select complimentary beverages during a champagne/sunset happy hour to a special membership at Richard’s Rooftop (a sun deck exclusively for RockStar Quarters Sailors), there’s a definite feel of being part of an elite club.
  7. Included Ship Eats:
    Typically Ship Eats (Room Service) will include a delivery fee, this is waived for all Rockstars allowing you to order as many gummy bears as you want guilt free!

Types of Suites

There are 4 types of suites:

The Mega Rockstar Suite Experience

A step above the standard Rockstar experience, Mega Rockstars receive the above plus exclusive additional benefits reserved for the largest type of room.

Learn About the Mega Rockstar Experience

Is It Worth It?

If you appreciate exclusivity, top-notch design, and personalized service, you might find the Rockstar Suite to be a great choice for a more luxurious cruising experience. It enhances various aspects of your cruise enjoyment and makes any issues on board or pre boarding typically disappear with ease.

However, it’s important to recognize that a cruise, at its core, offers a delightful experience. If you’re on a budget or believe that the main joy of cruising lies in the journey and destinations themselves, then Virgin Voyages’ standard offerings, which are already quite comprehensive, may be sufficient.

If you have a once-in-a-lifetime trip or a special occasion, the suite could be the perfect addition. Depending on some itineraries a Rockstar suite can start at double the cost of a standard Sea Terrace and the highest Mega Rockstar suites at nearly four times the cost. Another way to attempt to  get Rockstar for a reduced amount is to try and bid using the upgrade system.

About the author

Co-Founder and Editor. An iOS developer and writer with a passion for theme parks and extensive cruise experience, blending technical know how with a love for Virgin Voyages nearing 15 sailings around the world.

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  1. Meredith Goode says:

    We won our bid to upgrade to a Rock Star suite. How we we get this: Pre-voyage you get access to “Red Glove Services” this is an exclusive email and phone service that can sort all of your dining reservations and any questions with your booking.

    1. VV Insider says:

      If you tap your photo in the account section of the app it’ll show you these options. Typically it’s an email and phone number.

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