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Mega Rockstar Suites

The top end Mega Rockstar suites include services beyond a Rockstar cabin with unlimited drinks, spa access, transfers and more but is it worth it?

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A level of luxury far above the Rockstar Suite comes the Mega Rockstar level with unlimited drinks, spa access and more perks offering the absolute Virgin Voyages experience.

The Mega Rockstar Suite Experience

A step above the standard Rockstar experience, Mega Rockstars receive all of the above plus exclusive additional benefits reserved for the largest type of room.

  1. Mega Rockstar Suites:
    Building on top of the already large Rockstar suites the Mega Rockstar suites offer some of the biggest spaces on board with large balconies with showers and significant entertaining area. These suites also sleep up to 4 people.
  2. Exclusive Location:
    All Mega Rockstar suites are located on Deck 15 making getting to The Galley or Aquatic Club (Pool Deck) a breeze. This is especially great for the Scarlet Night Pool Party as you can quickly change after jumping in the pool !
  3. Bottomless In-Room Mini Bar:
    With the same drinks as the Rockstar cabins, Mega Rockstars receive a daily top up of your in-room mini bar by 12pm each day with a replacement of each type of drink if already drank.
  4. “Unlimited” Drinks:
    Building on top of the bottomless in-room mini bar Mega Rockstars can enjoy unlimited drinks at the many bars around the ship. There is a fair use policy of this of any drink priced below $25 (purchasing 2 at a time per sailor) and a maximum of two bottles of alcohol a day below $90. Any drink or wine bottle beyond this will receive a 25% discount but will not be discounted, for example a $32 drink would be charged at $24.
  5. Daily Access to the Thermal Suite:
    Typically charged at up to $69 for 3 hours, Mega Rockstars can enter the Thermal Suite at any point during their voyage as long as the spa is open.
  6. Private Transfer to the Ship/Free Parking:
    Depending on where your ship is embarking/disembarking Virgin Voyages may offer private transfers to the ship up to 50 miles, look out from an email from Red Glove Services. For those in select ports Virgin Voyages can also offer complimentary parking for your car should you choose not to get a private transfer.
  7. Premium WiFi:
    Enjoy unlimited streaming and video calling WiFi services, a step above the basic WiFi.
  8. Dining in your Room:
    With help from your Rockstar agent you are able to get any meals from any of the six main restaurants on board delivered to your room to enjoy a special night in. One downside of this perk is that all courses will arrive at once.
  9. Daily Laundry
    Fill up a bag of laundry and get express delivery for free to your suite every day on board. This is a great cost saving as laundry on board can be quite expensive with no self service launderette.

Some additional benefits that are subject to availability include access to The Tentacle Tour, Bridge Tours, Secret Events and more. Keep in mind that these are not guarantees for your experience and are invite only events.

A wide-shot of a pool party with many people dancing, most dressed in red. A large inflatable octopus sits behind the pool
Scarlet Night at the Pool Deck allows for easy access to deck 15 © Photo by Ellie Heyman

Types of Suites:

There are 4 types of Mega Rockstar Suites:

Is It Worth It?

If you appreciate the absolute best that a cruise line can offer then you might find the Mega Rockstar Suite to be a great choice for a more luxurious cruising experience. It creates an experience where you don’t need to worry about drinks, access to the spa, hard to get bookings and more.

However the Rockstar experience still offers an unparalleled experience and depending on how much you drink can be a better option cost wise.

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