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BoomVang is a dedicated club night on Virgin Voyages ships, offering music, dancing, and immersive experiences in The Manor nightclub.

BoomVang on Virgin Voyages cruise ships
BoomVang on Virgin Voyages cruise ships © Photo by Virgin Voyages

For sailors aboard Virgin Voyages ships, BoomVang is a regular club night dedicated solely to the universal desire to dance. End your night in The Manor, the onboard night club on Deck 6. This party experience offers a chance to groove to today’s iconic hits in a setting inspired by the top clubs of Miami, New York, and Berlin.

BoomVang Atmosphere

BoomVang, aptly named after a critical rigging component on sailing vessels, is Virgin Voyages’ rendition of a classic club night. Unlike other larger scale party events such as Heartbeat, We Fancy, or Klub Rubiks: Not Your Average 80s Party, BoomVang focuses solely on the music without additional performances from the Happenings Cast or on board dancers.

Unique DJ Styles

At BoomVang, DJs have more freedom to showcase their individual styles, creating an eclectic mix of beats that cater to diverse tastes. Although it may be less frequented compared to other events, BoomVang continues to offer an exciting opportunity for guests to dance the night away, complemented by The Manor’s late-night bar service.

The Manor Transformation

The Manor undergoes a transformation into a land-based nightclub during BoomVang nights. With its immersive atmosphere and cutting-edge sound system, The Manor sets the stage for an unforgettable dance experience. Of note this night often includes strobe lights, lasers, and CO2 effects. Sailors should take note of any concerns regarding the utilization of these effects.

BoomVang Timing and Availability

BoomVang typically starts at 11pm and continues late into the night, allowing sailors to enjoy vibrant nightlife. Sailors can dance until morning, creating unforgettable memories. BoomVang is usually reserved for longer voyages with more sea days, ensuring a variety of activities.


Whether one is a seasoned dancer or simply looking to unwind and have a blast, BoomVang promises an electrifying experience that celebrates music, movement, and the thrill of being at sea. So, Virgin Voyages encourages sailors to dress their best and prepare to dance the night away aboard the ship.

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